Weston Powderpuff breaks three year losing streak

Weston Powderpuff team celebrating after a 20-13 win against Wayland at the annual Powderpuff game. PHOTO/ Roberto Rigobon

By Ellie Rosenfeld

Weston triumphed over Wayland in the the annual Powderpuff game on November 23 at Wayland High School. The 20-13 win ended a three year losing streak.

Of course, the girls wanted to win, but some of the seniors thought just playing together was the highlight of the day.

“I think the best part of the game was definitely the amount of enthusiasm that all of the girls had going into the game,” running back Katrina Angelucci said. “Everyone worked together, and cheered their teammates on, which was really awesome.”                                                   

Senior Joey Lembo said the longtime rivalry between Weston and Wayland motivated him to volunteer coach.

“I decided to become a coach because I think it’s an awesome tradition and I thought it’d be a lot of fun to be a part of,” Lembo said. “I also watched us lose to Wayland these past three years and decided I wanted to makes sure that doesn’t happen again because I hate Wayland… and losing.”

The girls wanted to show Wayland that Weston could prove victorious. Center Anna Rosenfeld said that beating their rivals was the ultimate goal.

“Beating Wayland felt good because they’re our rivals so of course we want to win against them,” Rosenfeld said.

The team’s second touchdown solidified Weston’s momentum. Quarterback Kayla Lucas passed off to Angelucci who deftly dodged multiple defenders before crossing into the endzone for the touchdown.

With Lucas and Angelucci swiftly making plays to score and the offensive and defensive lines holding their ground, the team was unstoppable.

Offensive lineperson Mae Whorf praised the team’s efforts.

“I think both our offense and defense played really well. Without both sides being strong, you cannot succeed,” Whorf said.

According to Lembo, the girls brought their game faces but smiles were broad throughout the competition.

“We tried to promote a balance,” Lembo said. “Of course we wanted to have fun and get everyone to play, but at the same time we wanted to win because we all hate losing, especially to Wayland.”