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Class of 2017 college and post-graduate plans

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Class of 2017 college and post-graduate plans

Seniors proudly sport their college gear during senior week. PHOTO/Anna Rosenfeld

Seniors proudly sport their college gear during senior week. PHOTO/Anna Rosenfeld

Seniors proudly sport their college gear during senior week. PHOTO/Anna Rosenfeld

Seniors proudly sport their college gear during senior week. PHOTO/Anna Rosenfeld

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Seniors proudly sport their college gear during senior week. PHOTO/Anna Rosenfeld

This list was originally published in the graduation special. Below is the most updated list.

Anisha Agarwal– Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Aleka Agre – New York University

Peter Alagna – New York University

Gabe Alesse – University of Hartford

Seth Amarasinghe – Gap Year

Katrina Angelucci – Trinity College

Athena Ardila – Northeastern University

Robert Armstrong – University of Colorado, Boulder

Madeline Ashcroft – University of Texas at Austin

Isabella Aslarus – Harvard University

Damian Attidore – Indiana University

Max Barsamian – Trinity College

Simon Bass –Northeastern University

Maya Best –  Tufts University

Will Binney – University of Michigan

Nyla Boswell – Tuskegee University

Spencer Braunstein – Allegheny College

Kyle Brisky – Duke University

Jared Buchman – Trinity College

Kylie Burkus – Parsons School of Design

Hugh Cameron – Saint Anselm College

Jonny Campo – George Washington University

Max Cantara – Skidmore College

Natalie Casey – Villanova University

Alex Chang – University of California, Berkeley

Sarah Chau – University of Massachusetts, Boston

Cristina Chiocca – Providence College

Damani Clachar – Northeastern University

Maura Clark – University of Delaware

Emely Costa – Framingham State University

Naomi Cutter – Wake Forest University

Elizabeth Cuzzupoli – University of Southern California

Doug Dahl – Vanderbilt University

Jack Dangelmaier – Santa Clara University

Jorie Daniel – University of Colorado, Boulder

Imani Daniel-Froston – University of Hartford

Ashley Davenport – University of Alabama

John de Jong – Louisiana State University

Matt DeVito – Norwich University

Nick Diebold – Colgate University

Dana Dinardo – College of the Holy Cross

Isabella DiPietro – University of St. Andrews

Caroline Donahue – Amherst College

Vincent Dong – Bowdoin College

Haley Duffy – University of New Hampshire

Emma Eglington – Chapman University

Sinclair Emans – University of Massachusetts, Amherst

Stephan Etienne – Salve Regina University

Isabelle Faller – Santa Clara University

Aidan Faller – Bates College

Rachel Fishman – Northwestern University

Cricket Fligor – Babson College

Caitlyn Flynn – Michigan State Univeristy

Tuesday Ford – University of Notre Dame Samuel Gardiner – Connecticut College

Rachel Garrell – University of Arizona

Angela Gentile – Mount Ida College

Katerina Georgakopoulos – Brandeis University

John Giacalone – Roger Williams University

Stephanie Ginovker – University of Waterloo

Annika Goggins – Clemson University

Connor Goggins – Tufts University

Sydney Gosman – Indiana University

Max Grant – Chapman University

Morgan Griffin – Middlebury College

Jack Griffith – Gap Year

Jared Groff – Swarthmore College

Kabir Gupta – McGill University

Hayden Hadley – Emory University

Leena Haidar – Simmons College

Andrew Haimovici – Harvard University

Andrew Hall – Wake Forest University

George Hamm – University of South Carolina

Zachary Hanoyan – Cornell University

Holly Hardiman – University of New Hampshire

Emma Harding – University of Southern California

Charlie Hattabaugh – New York University

Fred Herlihy – Fairfield University

Paige Holman – Clemson University

Jillian Howard – Boston College

Zixuan Huang – Dartmouth College

Mimi Huckins – Mount Holyoke College

Ben Icke – University of Vermont

Calvin Jakubowski – Providence College

Karen Jiang – Massachusetts College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences

Nikita Joshi – George Washington University

John Kakridas – Providence College

Kenz Kallal – Harvard University

Sara Kawai – University of Southern California

Liz Kaye – Harvard University

Caroline Kenyon – College of Charleston

Andrew Kettle – Boston College

Fareen Kiani – George Washington University

Michael Korbin – Wheaton College

Abigail Lambrecht – Undecided

John Lathrop – Swarthmore College

Isabella Laufer – George Washington University

Valarie Lehr – Fairfield University

Yosef Leibman – University of Toronto

Joey Lembo – University of Notre Dame

Erica Leung – University of Edinburgh

Sunny Liang – University of California, Santa Cruz

Ellison Lim – Colby College

Arezu Lotfi – University of Vermont

Kayla Lucas – Bucknell University

Alexandra Luetje – College of Charleston

Adam Maimon – Bentley University

David Maimon – Gettysburg College

Michael Malenfant – Emory University

Caroline Markmann – Villanova University

Bryce McCanne – Sacred Heart University

Kelsey McGeough – Colgate University

Aidan McGinty – Bowdoin College

Kaitlyn Meslin – Tufts University

Jade Metzinger – Senior year at Lycée Julie


Nonso Mogor – Hamilton College

Lauren Moran – Ohio University

Alex Mortimer – Santa Clara University

Thomas Moseley – Boston University

Macallan Mullen – University of South Carolina

Michael Nardone – University of New Hampshire

Aaron Ng – University of Massachusetts, Amherst

Sarah Ott – Hobart and William Smith Colleges

Sophia Palocz – Stanford University

Leo Palmer – Bridgewater State University

Meg Peacher – United States Naval Academy

Cameron Peddie – Boston College

Natalie Pettirossi – Vassar College

Abbey Phaneuf – Brown University

Nicholas Pomianek – University of Rochester

Lizzie Racklin – New York University

Nathan Reeder – Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University

Quintin Reid – Transfer program at Bunker Hill Community College

Veronica Rigobon – Brown University

Louis Roca – Frankin Pierce University

Lea Rohrbasser – University of Massachusetts, Amherst

Anna Rosenfeld – George Washington University

Naomi Rubin – George Washington University

Sophia Sabet – Boston College

Stephen Salkewicz – Gap Year

Celeste Samaratunga – University of Toronto

Erin Sarocco – University of California, Santa Barbara

Lucas Schwallie – Gap Year followed by Claremont McKenna College

Mateo Schwartz-Torres – Skidmore College

Arianna Seepersad – Worcester State University

Kimia Shajii – Regis College

Carrie Shao – University of California, Berkeley

Cassie Shao – Wellesley College

Luke Shea – Saint Lawrence University

Jackson Spicer – Roger Williams University

Isaac Struhl – Harvard University

James Summers – Carnegie Mellon University

Kiana Summers – Pennsylvania State University

Kiara Summers – Suffolk University

Katherine Tak – Columbia University

Samuel Tang – University of California, Los Angeles

Drew Trodden – University of Miami

Anna Tseng – California Polytechnic State University

Camille Tulloss – Brown University
Esther Tzau – Tufts University

Oduenyi Uga – Northeastern University

Catie Upton – McGill University

Louis Voucatura – University of Utah

Zoe Walker – Connecticut College

Steven Wang – University of Michigan

Ben White – University of Richmond

Mae Whorf – Pennsylvania State University

Ziling Yang – Boston University

Helen Zhang – Vanderbilt University

Angel Zhao – Johns Hopkins University

Yixin Zhao – Brandeis University

Crystal Zhou – Univesity of Vermont

FengYi Zhou – Babson College

Tina Ziobro – Chapman University

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Class of 2017 college and post-graduate plans