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Students dressed as a set of m&ms. PHOTO/Fiona Morris

Students dressed as a set of m&ms. PHOTO/Fiona Morris

Students dressed as a set of m&ms. PHOTO/Fiona Morris

Halloween assembly brings fun costumes and games to WHS

   On the spookiest day of the year, high schoolers entered WHS wearing costumes such as Pigs in a Blanket, a blow up Dinosaur, and even a hula dancer. At the end of this day, students displayed their costumes in the gym for the annual Halloween assembly.

  Senior Co-Emcee’s Tim Pesek and Isaac Gorelik diligently planned to make this year’s assembly a great experience for everyone.

  “The Halloween assembly is usually one of the most fun assemblies of the year. It’s extra long, so there is a lot of time for games and silly business” Pesek said.

  A few days before, Pesek hinted that his costume would be a big surprise for the assembly. Sure enough, the two emcees caused roars of laughter throughout the gym as they danced to “Beauty and the Beast” in their costumes. Gorelik wore the suit of our school mascot, while Pesek donned a formal ball gown.

   After this opening, there was a performance from the all-girl Acapella group, the Pralines. They were followed by games, such as apple bobbing and the real-life human version of hungry hippos. Students participating in the games represented their respective grades and won prizes at the end.

  Finally, the assembly wrapped up with the highly anticipated costume parade. Pesek noted the importance of dressing up for this assembly, as it is a huge element of the holiday.

  “This is the one day of the year no one cared about what you look like. Everyone is in a good mood and filled with a lot of Halloween spirit.”  Pesek said.

 According to WHS students, the Halloween assembly was an exciting way to celebrate the holiday as a school and enjoy a day in costumes with their friends.

 “I had a really good time at the Halloween assembly. Overall, the assemblies this year have been much more entertaining than the ones at the middle school. I found the hungry hippo game really amusing,” freshman Thea Schwallie said.

Senior Co-emcees Tim Pesek and Isaac Gorelik in their costumes. PHOTO/Fiona Morris

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