Now student body co-presidents, previous Student Council treasurer Andrew Black and secretary Roshani Nagarajah behind the scenes at an all-school assembly last year. PHOTO/ Roshani Nagarajah
Now student body co-presidents, previous Student Council treasurer Andrew Black and secretary Roshani Nagarajah behind the scenes at an all-school assembly last year. PHOTO/ Roshani Nagarajah

Student body co-presidents have big plans to unite the school community

November 8, 2017

For the past three years, they’ve been student council leaders. For longer than that, they’ve been best friends. And now, as seniors, they are the student body co-presidents of Weston High School.  

Seniors Andrew Black and Roshani Nagarajah were elected the new student body co-presidents last May.

The best friends and now student body co-presidents are excited to change the school for the better. Their contagious, inspiring and uplifting energy makes every new school day filled with surprises, from exciting morning announcements to a new take on the assemblies.

“Their relationship is similar to siblings as they are able to poke fun at each other in a light-hearted manner. They enjoy working together and have a lot of fun doing so!” student council advisor Erin McCarty said.

Having both been actively involved in Student Council since freshman year, Black and Nagarajah have seen first-hand the impact of student leaders can have on a school. The dynamic duo has big plans for this year, including uniting all grades to cultivate a culture of kindness at WHS.

“Our goal for the year is to make school a happier and warmer learning environment,” Nagarajah said. “We want to do little things that are memorable, such as adding pops of color to different parts of the school.”

Although both share a family legacy of leadership in Student Council, their co-presidency is something refreshing and new, and the pair has an unprecedented reputation among faculty.

Andrew and Roshani are truly a dynamic duo and are the first set of co-presidents that I have worked with that have both been involved in Student Council throughout all four years of their high school career,” McCarty said.

According to student activities director Nick Pezzote, both co-presidents share a common set of core values necessary for initiating change in the WHS community.

“They are both genuinely kind. They brought the idea of bringing the community together and creating a culture of kindness which is very very much needed,” Pezzote said.

Black and Nagarajah are the voice for the student body and value their opinion on making the school a better place for everyone. Although they have similar values in building an inviting and kind culture, the pair bring different perspectives as the first co-ed presidents since 2002.

“In the difficult cultural climate of what is going on in society today, it is very refreshing that we have coed co-presidents and they both have really good qualities that they individually bring to the table,” Pezzote said.

Personally, Black hopes that his role will help the Student Council reach a wider cross-section of students, and achieve the goal of uniting the community.

“Roshani and I are able to reach both genders in all grades. We have the capacity to reach every different type of student and impact the greater student population,” Black said.

Though there is a lot to be done, Black and Nagarajah hope to carry on the legacy of previous student body co-presidents in making the school a positive and strong community.

“We want everyone to get excited about not only sports games, but also theatre performances and math competitions as well,” Nagarajah said.

Building community doesn’t always have to be a big event, Black said.

“We want to promote unity within the school by doing regular low-key things during the week, like organizing more casual events for students to participate in.”

According to Student Council Secretary Erica Wu, their devotion to making the school a better place for everyone is admirable.

“Both Andrew and Roshani are passionate about making the school better, and their dedication is shown through their hard work in Student Council over the years,” Wu said. “They are so approachable and easy to talk to.”

Being in this position has granted Black the opportunity to be integrated into all the grades.

“It helps me break my mold, as a lot of people think of me as a sports star, but this allows me to connect with a lot of different kinds of people across the school.”

Their daily interactions with teachers, administrators, and other adults in the community reflect how the pair is mature beyond their years.

Both Roshani and Andrew are role models for their peers, which is evident in the manner in which they conduct themselves when serving the school in their various leadership positions,” McCarty said.

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