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Senior District results

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24 WHS students were accepted to play at the Eastern District Senior Festival on November 18th. Weston was one of the top schools in terms of number of students who got into the Festival. The top half of accepted students were also given all-state recommendations. 

Alexandra Carpenter (violin)

Grace Carter* (soprano)

Michael Du* (baritone saxophone)

Austin Gu* (bassoon)

Emily Kim* (violin)

Gillian Reeder (soprano)

Hannah Brown* (alto)

Heather Lee* (cello)

Sanghoo Lee* (viola)

Joanne Lee* (violin)

Noah Hooper (bassoon)

Julie Jesurum* (trumpet)

Neha Joshi (bassoon)

Joy Mahoney (violin)

Terence Mullany (bass)

Jaehyo Namkung* (bassoon)

Samuel Rodgers* (bass)

Vincent Rougeau (bass)

Ariel Silverman* (french horn)

Kayla Silverman (soprano)

Nathan Strauss (bass)

Helen Townsend (alto)

Albert Wu (clarinet)

Thomas Yu* (cello)

Timothy Yu* (trumpet)

Zachary Zhu* (clarinet)


*All-State Recommendation

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Senior District results