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Weston falls to Wayland in Powderpuff game

Matthew Garfinkel and Yara Attar, Sports Editor and Staff Writer

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Weston battled Wayland for the title of Powderpuff champion, ultimately losing the hard fought game with a score of 6-0. This is a historic rivalry that has grown throughout the years with Weston taking the win last year, defeating Wayland 20-13.

Traditionally, senior guys coach the team and this year was no different. Seniors including Alex Chiocca, Demetrius Iatridis, Jack Mullany, Dexter Peters and Max Zawel acted as the masterminds behind the plays.

The Wildcats prepared for the game by practicing three times a week for three weeks. Mullany commented on how the team progressed through these practices leading up to the game.

“Getting here took a lot of baby steps. Initially we worked on the pure fundamentals of football, like catching and running with the ball,” Mullany said. “This progressed into separating players where they had the most experience and then we implemented complex plays.”

Offensive and defensive lineman Katherine Williams was motivated to play in the Powderpuff game because of her competitive spirit and enjoyment of the game.

“I’d been looking forward to this since freshman year. I row, so I know a lot of the Wayland girls and I really just wanted to take them down!” Williams said . “It was also really exciting to learn and play a new sport.”

Defensive captain Sophia Guerin knew she wanted to participate in the game because of its long lasting tradition in the community.

“I decided to participate in Powderpuff because it’s something special to the senior girls. It allows us to all come together from different sports teams or even no sports teams at all and work toward a common goal,” Guerin said.

Playing football with her dad inspired quarterback Maddie Perko to take part in the Powderpuff game. Perko noticed the difference between practice and game speed, along with inclement weather on game day.

“The team felt pressed for time before each play and having to 20 yard first down, not having lines, and having to deal with the rain and cold was challenging,” Perko said.

“The rain compromised my throwing and made the ball hard to catch when it was hiked to me, but I did my best and tried to keep calm and focused on what I could control.” Perko said.

Guerin expressed her opinion on the girls’ performance and how they dealt with the different situations that occurred during the game.

“The actual game was intense to begin, then when Wayland scored it was a huge shock to us. Up until the last second, we tried our hardest and cheered our loudest,” Guerin said.

Despite the loss, Perko mentioned notable players that stepped up in the game.

“I think Sophia Guerin really stepped up on defense. She made some great plays and I think she made a big impact on the game. Melissa Barbosa and Karenna Groff  executed a really great play that set us up well for a touchdown attempt.”

Zawel elaborated on the collaborative team effort he saw through the team’s engagement on the field.

“Every girl that participated made a difference. With all the focus during practice and the game they were able to step up and make the program proud.” Zawel said.

Mullany emphasized Iatridis’ inspiring pep talks that motivated the girls while they were down by a small margin in the game.

“Demetrius Iatridis proved to be an integral part of our team, with intricate speeches and complex analogies. Yet, the team never needed any added motivation other than a few critical points because of their excitement and enthusiasm,” Mullany said.

This year’s close game will be a stepping stone for future years to come. Although the team lost, the team’s experiences from practice and the game will last forever.

   Weston looks to battle Wayland again next year with a new vengeance and desire to claim the highly esteemed title of Powderpuff champion.

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Weston falls to Wayland in Powderpuff game