Upcoming winter play to present children’s stories on stage

Sarah Augustine, Photo Editor

Under the direction of English teacher and drama director Anne Slotnick, WHS Theater Company will be preparing to cast the short play “Sideways Stories from Wayside School.”

Auditions for the winter performance are open to all and will take place on Tuesday, November 27 in the black box, with callbacks following the next day.

The 40-minute play places a special emphasis on the ensemble, and the roles include a variety of characters that range from teachers, to students, and even to parents.

“It is appealing to everybody but it is written in a very specific style that is exciting, fun and laughable. It is great for younger audiences to participate in,” Slotnick said.

Slotnick also described how this play originated from previous literature.

“They are chapter books about this really zany school that were written by Louis Sachar and adapted by John Olive,” Slotnick stated.

According to Slotnick, the main conflict of the story comes from the interactions between the teacher and the students.

“She turns kids into apples and then there is this great scene where she accidentally misfires her spell into a mirror and turns herself into an apple and the kids back into kids,” Slotnick said.

The performances of this production will begin on February 28 at WHS and then continue in the Massachusetts Educational Theater Guild Festival on March 2.