Rotary Interact shares service with homeless shelter

Michael Curley, Staff writer

Every year in celebration of Thanksgiving, the WHS Rotary Interact club serves a homemade dinner to the homeless at Bristol Lodge. This year, nine students went to go and feed the residents a Thanksgiving dinner on a chilly Thursday afternoon on November 15.

This isn’t the first year that the Rotary Interact club has helped out at the shelter. Over the years, the club’s co-president junior Robert Mosher has formed a close connection with Bristol Lodge through his experiences volunteering there.

“It’s close by; it’s tradition at this point,” noted Mosher. “It used to be run by my grandpa when I was really little, so I kind of grew up doing it.”

While the Rotary Interact club brings and distributes the food, they don’t work alone. According to Mosher, the actual food is made by the cooking classes at WHS. Run by the wellness teacher chef Eunice Feller, they have made roasted chicken, chicken tetrazzini, and meat lasagnas for Bristol Lodge in the past.

This year, the Rotary Interact club brought beef stew, fresh fruits, bread, and milk to the homeless shelter. While the cooking students make the food during class hours, the distribution was done by members of the Rotary Interact club after school.

“We make enough food to serve about 60 to 80 guests. So it’s a good quantity of food; it’s two large crock pots. A lot of [the work consists of] prep done by the students – [it’s] a lot of chopping, peeling, and cutting, and then the assembly afterwards,” Feller said.

Feller described how already-existing connections with the organization translated to enthusiasm from students.

“The kids were really into it… I think that it helps that a lot of kids, especially in this group, who are familiar with the organization through their church work. It always helps when they already have a connection,” Feller said.

Feller also noted how there were leftovers after the event, showing how there was more than enough food to go around.

According to junior Eleni Polymeros, seeing how their help at the homeless shelter impacted the residents opened her eyes to new perspectives.

“It was interesting to see these people who probably don’t eat all day. They are eating three bowls of soup for dinner just to get something in their body as opposed to us when we probably eat three meals a day. It changed my perspective of the way I eat food and value food,” Polymeros stated.

Even though Thanksgiving has ended, there are still ways to give to Bristol Lodge. The Rotary Interact club helps out every month and is open to student volunteers who are willing give a few hours to serve the community.

If you would like to help out at Bristol Lodge, you could email the Co-President Robert Mosher at