Students experience new reality with Intel


Julia Lawlor

Freshman Livvy Yun experiences the Intel Truck Event.

Emilia Tutun and Julia Lawlor

Imagine students doing chemistry without a lab, being in outer space without a rocket, or seeing Jurassic creatures in the modern day. This abstract concept is being captured today by virtual reality products made by companies such as Intel, which shared its new virtual and augmented reality technology with WHS participated in the Intel Truck Learning Lab, on November 7-9.

Freshman Reese Connelly talked about her experience with the Intel Truck.

“It was a very cool because I got to experience simulating things that I would not be able to ordinarily do,” Connelly said.

The unique event became possible when history teacher Kim Young attended the 2018 National Geographic Explorers’ Festival this past June. Young met the director of immersive Intel Raj Puran, who chose to host an event at WHS after learning about its receptiveness to new ideas.

Furthermore, Young said that the VR experience provided by Intel could lead to a more comprehensive way of learning.

“The VR experience is more impactful because it is immersive. That emotional connection to the learning makes you remember it more,” Young said.

In addition, Intel AR and VR marketing director Rodrigo Tamellini elaborated on the company and its impact on the world.

“It’s a company that is transforming the world through technology. The world as we know it today just exists by Intel, because without this we wouldn’t have the lift we have. It is a very open-minded company, a very diverse company and that’s pretty awesome!” Tamellini noted.

For the first time, Intel has combined the AR and VR experience in a hands-on event. Tamellini revealed that the Intel Truck will be traveling rapidly through the country visiting multiple schools between October 15 and December 15.

“We are going from the east coast to the west coast, so the endpoint is back at our headquarters in California,” Tamellini stated.

Young stated that the Intel Truck Learning Lab’s introduction of new and intricate technology can benefit students learning.

“The purpose of the Intel event is to share new innovative immersive technologies. Intel is working on to spark conversations and fuel curiosity about how technology impacts our world, daily lives, and school classroom,” Young said.