Upcoming Macbreakfast to showcase student work

Graziella Vezza, Staff Writer

   The annual Macbreakfast is a unique event that offers a creative stage for students to thrive upon and a place to display their hard work. Macbreakfast will be held in the library of Weston High School this upcoming December 13. Sophomore students will be able to show off their Macbeth-inspired motif projects to an audience consisting of teachers, parents, and fellow peers.

   Tenth grade English teachers Matthew Henry, Michael Kelley, Peter Banker, Alexizendria Link, and Katharine Stento will be running the event. English teacher Matthew Henry noted the importance of the Macbreakfast presentations to the sophomore English students.

   “To see that there’s more than one way to show comprehension, it’s not just [that] you have to write a paper in order to show that you understood something. Kids can use their own talents and abilities to also show comprehension,” Henry said.

   These Macbeth projects will have to fulfill the requirement of analyzing a motif or theme from Macbeth in a creative way. In the past, projects have been musical, sculpted, painted, and even dance related. Henry explained the process for selecting students to present, as there is not enough room to include every project in this event.

   “We don’t always choose just the best projects. We try to choose the ones that are the most creative or the most innovative and also across a variety of genres,” Henry said.

   One group that expressed excitement for this event is sophomore Hannah Callejas and sophomore Alexandra Liang. Their motif project is a dance revolving around the motif of blood and its relation to guilt in Macbeth.

   “We thought that a dance representation would show all the emotions that can’t really be seen in a drawing,” Callejas said.

   Callejas noted that they wish to teach the audience an important lesson through dance.

   “After seeing the video, I hope the audience understands the process of guilt. After doing something wrong, you may be able to get away with it but the guilt is always going to be there,” Callejas said.

   While only a select few are chosen to present, there will be a slideshow displaying all of the sophomore projects during the event. Henry also commented on the benefit of having a diverse live audience.

   “Having what’s called an authentic audience is huge, like when you know when someone other than your teacher is seeing it, that’s a definite benefit to this,” Henry said.

   English teacher Michael Kelley continued to explain the importance of sharing knowledge and presenting to a crowd of people.

   “I hope that kids who present will realize how much they learned. I think they’ll learn a little bit more by having to talk about it with people who haven’t read the play…you learn things better when you have to teach that material. Hopefully they’ll gain some pride in their work,” Kelley said.

   The Weston High School Library will be open to all students who are interested in coming to see the presentations from 8:15-9:15 a.m. on December 13.