Wachs expresses himself through makeup and social media


Henry Wachs

Sophomore Henry Wachs poses in one of his colorful makeup looks on his Instagram page @makeupbyhenry.

Sarah Augustine, Photo Editor

Many students at WHS have Instagram accounts, one of them being sophomore Henry Wachs who runs a makeup account in his free time. For Wachs, this account offers him a place to show detailed tutorials of new looks, descriptions of the newest makeup products, and extend his passion and creativity to his followers.

After his eye-opening experience at a summer camp where he was exposed to the art of makeup, Wachs created an Instagram account that has now reached over 17,000 followers. Wachs’ talents have been detailed in The Atlantic article “Rising Instagram Stars Are Posting Fake Sponsored Content.”

“I really have no idea how it got as big as it is today. I just focused on all of my content and posting as much as I could, and I think the followers just came with it,” Wachs said.

Through various YouTube video tutorials and extensive practices, Wachs’s raw talent has developed over the years. In addition, Wachs reaches out to makeup companies to provide advertising in exchange for the use of their products in his Instagram posts.

“First, I message the companies to see if they can send me packages and new products. I can help advertise and help them gain money, or sometimes I get emails from them,” Wachs said. “If that goes well, I ask if they would be open to paid sponsorship and if they say yes, we make a contract and I get paid and post the video.”

Wachs keeps his followers, such as his longtime friend sophomore Jackie Liu, very engaged. Liu has been a follower of Wachs since he he had less than 500 followers, and she believes she has seen Wachs’ growth since then.

“He tries so hard to make new looks, which I really like, and he is always working to improve,” Liu noted.“I like all of his videos because each brings a new flavor and they are all so original and unique. I love how passionate he is about makeup…I think that is really inspiring.”

Similarly, Wachs’s Spanish teacher Alejandro Yegros has become familiar with his Instagram work through having him as a student. Yegros commented on the personal characteristics that Wachs displays in the classroom.

“He has a good sense of humor and is very alert. I think he is very self-aware and very socially aware of others. He is very aware about how everything should be running,” Yegros said. “He is definitely a very meticulous person. I think he is very detail-oriented and he is super careful.”

Wachs has been recognized not only by his teachers, classmates, and paying companies, but also by celebrities as well. One of his biggest accomplishments was interacting with dancer and reality TV star Mackenzie Ziegler.

“I think one of the biggest things is that Mackenzie Ziegler and her mom followed me. Mackenzie direct messaged me, and her mom commented on my video, which I thought was pretty cool. It is all because they sent me makeup. It’s really fun and crazy,” Wachs said.

However, not everyone is as accepting and kind to Wachs. In the past, Wachs has received hate messages, but was able to deal with them and not allow the hurtful statements to discourage him.

“These people feel so bad about themselves that they have to be mean to other people to make themselves feel better. I honestly just ignore it and kind of laugh at it,” Wachs expressed.

Despite this negative feedback, Wachs has continued to pursue his passion. He hopes to continue on with his account and makeup abilities.

“I hope to always have it as a part of me and to keep doing it for as long as I can. [I hope] to maybe even make a career out of it.”


Henry Wachs
Sophomore Henry Wachs shows off his makeup look on his Instagram page @makeupbyhenry