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Anti-Juuling posters created in the Graphic Design classroom.

Winter Art show displays various student art

The 5th annual Winter Art show on January 17 showcased a wide range of WHS student artwork, from self-portraits to anti-vaping posters, photos of Boston, and clay pots.

The Winter Art show was created a few years ago by the Weston Art Program, directed by Christopher Fehl, with the purpose of displaying student artwork from the first semester.

“We found that the first semester was underrepresented in [the end-of-year] exhibition because we had a whole new batch of student work, so we decided to try and add an end-of- first-semester show so we could showcase [pieces from] the first semester,” Fehl said.

One goal that Fehl had for the art show was for people to learn new things about their classmates.

“I hope by looking at the artwork and the names of the people, people realize that they might see some names that surprise them. People who they think might not have artistic ability are actually making some really great artwork,” Fehl said.

Artwork on display included a guerilla marketing campaign by the graphic design class. Students were asked to find a problem in the community and then design an art project based around it.

Sophomore Daanish Qureshi participated in this campaign, and his project focused on the excess use of plastic in Weston. His project included pins, shirts, posters, and a large, overhead water bottle display.

“I’ve been seeing a lot of stuff going on with bottles… and how we, specifically as the U.S., have been contributing a lot to that. If we can do our part in Weston, then it would be great to help stop plastic [use],” Qureshi said. “Bottles are a huge use of plastic, and it’s one of the leading causes of plastic in the ocean, so I went with bottles [for the project].”

Parents and teachers also had opinions on the art show. WHS parent Lisa Enfield stated not enough emphasis is placed on art programs in high schools.

“I wish more kids could take art classes, and that the entire community valued art more than they do,” Enfield said. “I think art helps kids get out of the books, explore, imagine, and spark their creativity.”

Similarly, sophomore Jackie Liu furthered Enfield’s ideas about the importance of art programs at WHS.

“I hope that more people choose to participate in the art programs in Weston and don’t just treat it as something to get their credits out of the way because I think that the art programs are pretty great,” Liu said.

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