Seniors Jayme and Kayla Leschly excel in tennis and academics


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Senior Jayme Leschly swing her racket on the court.

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Senior Kayla Leschly gets ready to hit the ball.

Today, many competitive athletes have routines that require countless hours and difficult practices to excel in their sport. WHS seniors Jayme and Kayla Leschly embrace this routine by playing tennis at a very high level, while also balancing the demands of school. After graduation, Jayme Leschly and Kayla Leschly will be attending Harvard University and Princeton University, respectively.

For the first time in their high school careers, Jayme Leschly and Kayla Leschly played on the WHS varsity tennis team this year.

“The Leschly twins are extremely hardworking and dedicated to the sport. They are an incredible addition to the team, and we [were] very excited to have them this year,” senior Livvy Lathrop said.

Before this year, the Leschly twins played club tennis, which has a very different ambience.

“I have enjoyed the team atmosphere that I lack playing club tennis. Tennis is a tough mental sport, so being by yourself on the court can sometimes get tough. It is much more fun to play when you can talk to your teammates and friends while playing,” Jayme Leschly said of her experience playing for WHS this year.

High school varsity and junior varsity tennis coach Dyanne Sainato had the opportunity to work with both Jayme and Kayla Leschly this year.

“The addition of Kayla and Jayme this spring has helped us to solidify our winning record,” Sainato said. “Kayla and Jayme are amazing individuals that bring a strong work ethic to the team as they are so committed to the sport and disciplined in how they approach each opponent.”

Jayme Leschly and Kayla Leschly train at Bosse Sports in addition to the WHS team and have been playing tennis for eight years.

“I started playing tennis because I love the sport and I love competing,” Kayla Leschly said. “I like that in tennis you are held accountable for all of your wins and losses.”

For their coach, their passion for the game is obvious in the skills the sisters bring to the court.

Both Kayla and Jayme have such power and precision in how they play each match and have such a complete game with regard to serving, back court, and net play that they can compete against anyone in this league,” Sainato stated.

While both twins are talented tennis players, they do not let this overpower being a good teammate.

“They are fantastic role models as well in terms of their sportsmanship and dedication to the team,” Sainato said.

Other teammates and classmates have also noticed the talent and dedication of the Leschly twins.

“I think they’re hardworking, determined and very supportive of others. They are great teammates and I think that have a really bright future,” freshman Samantha Burns, a varsity tennis player said.

In addition to their dedication to tennis, Jayme Leschly and Kayla Leschly also heavily prioritize their performance in school.

This was my first year teaching both of them, and I enjoyed getting to know them. Both Kayla and Jayme took their work very seriously, handing in every assignment on-time, and completed thoroughly,” history teacher Katherine Tucker stated. “Kayla and Jayme held some of the highest grades in their respective AP Psychology classes each quarter and still always completed optional extra credit assignments. The two of them take ‘above and beyond’ to another level.”

Tennis is something that Jayme Leschly and Kayla Leschly are passionate about, and Kayla Leschly explained why she wants to continue playing in the future.

“I would love to continue playing tennis in college because a a freshman it is a great way to make new friends, and of course because I love the sport,” Kayla Leschly said.