Senior plans to play baseball at Harvard


John Messervy

Senior Peter Messervy throws a pitch in a game against Acton-Boxbourough Regional High School

John Gigian, Staff Writer

The crack of the bat, a base hit, reaching base, then doing it again. This has become a common trend for the Weston Wildcats senior center fielder and pitcher Peter Messervy. After his final season at WHS, Messervy will be attending Harvard University to play baseball in the Ivy League.

After four years at WHS, Messervy expressed excitement for playing at Harvard and explained how he was drawn to the aspect of teamwork that the sport fosters.

“I’ve always loved being a part of a team and feeling like I could contribute to something bigger than myself,” Messervy said. “Baseball has also been something I’ve been good at, so that has helped me enjoy it.”

While Messervy was recruited after by many schools, he ultimately chose Harvard for the connections he felt he shared with the coaching staff.

“The last few colleges I visited were Duke, BC, Yale and Columbia,” Messervy said. “Harvard, however, was set apart because of the coaching staff; I felt like I had a good connection with them, and I could definitely see myself with them for four years.”

The division one schools Messervy was recruited by require a high level of talent for student athletes. Varsity baseball head coach John Danchik commented on Messervy’s talent and how he has improved throughout the years.

“Peter was one of the two people since I’ve been here who was on [the] varsity [baseball team since] freshman year,” Danchik stated. “Every year, I’ve noticed his athletic ability improve. Peter is, if not the most coachable player, one of the most coachable players I have ever coached.”

Along with his talent, Messervy’s fellow teammate and senior captain Michael Rodgers commented on his leadership and character.

“Peter is a good captain and leader,” Rodgers explained. “Whether you need someone for advice to improve your game or simply just a person to play catch with, he’s always there.”

Furthermore, Rodgers conveyed his appreciation for Messervy’s work ethic.

“He works hard all the time, whether it is working out, getting in the batting cages, or getting coaching from individual coaches. He also plays year-round to improve his game,” Rodgers said.

In addition to Messervy’s work ethic and leadership, junior Marc Schulman expressed how Messervy has been a role model for many of his younger teammates.

“He’s always been someone I have looked up to. More importantly, he’s been a role model for me as a teammate,” Schulman explained. “He’s been someone I’ve been able to turn to when I’m struggling. I also look up to the way he keeps the team together in games and have admired his leadership qualities.”

Messervy attributed his great work ethic, skill, leadership, and success to the important role models who have guided him throughout the years.

“Both of my parents have been extremely influential for me,” Messervy stated. “While neither of my parents actually played baseball, they’ve each been supportive in the years I’ve played.”

After his collegiate career, Messervy expressed his aspiration to potentially play at the next level after college.

“I’ve definitely thought about playing in the minor leagues, and it’s something I would be interested in, provided it doesn’t affect my future career,” Messery said.

As Messervy finishes his final season with WHS, he stated that he is looking forward to the challenge of collegiate baseball.

“I understand that college baseball is at a whole other level compared to high school baseball, but I’m up for the challenge,” Messervy explained. “I’m a very hard worker, so I am willing to do whatever I need to succeed at the next level.”