WHS seniors look to gain experience in the work field

Michael Curley , Staff Writer

   Every May, Weston sends seniors on a three-week dive into the working world through various internships. The goal: to give WHS students an opportunity to experiment in any professional field of their interest.

   Business teacher Corey Guerra described the purpose behind the senior internships.

   “The idea with the senior internships is to have the students get an opportunity to work with companies that they have an interest in, and in a bigger setting then just a meet and greet,” Guerra said.

   While seniors will be introduced to the internships in school, most seniors will also meet with internship coordinator Brenda Messervy to get an idea of what they want to do.

   “Students certainly do meet with me, and some of them secure internships during that meeting,” Messervy said. “The whole purpose [of the meeting] is to help them explore their interests and try to identify what it is that they would like to do for those three weeks.”

   One student who was helped by Messervy when looking for his internship was senior Patrick Rhatigan, who will be working at the Massachusetts State House this May.

   “I emailed Ms. Messervy with my interests. I wanted something with politics, and she was like, ‘I have a internship open at the State House, just email this person,’” Rhatigan said. “I found [the process] really easy. Apart from contacting Ms. Messervy, I had to have a résumé and a short cover letter. And that was pretty much it.”

   Senior Hannah Brown was also able to obtain her internship through Messervy. For the final three weeks of her senior year, Brown will work as a physical therapy aide at Pro Sports Therapy in Waltham.

   “I am into medicine, [but] I was trying to think of something more convenient than going to a hospital… because I have to be at track every day,” Brown said. “So I wanted to do something related to medicine, and I thought that this would be really good.”

   Brown further elaborated on the details of her internship opportunity.

   “I find [working at] Pro Sports Therapy exciting because I’ll get experience in the physical therapy field from the trainer’s point of view, as opposed to the patient,” Brown said. “I do patient observation and help out in other areas as needed. I will also get to help with patient care.”

  While every senior must meet with Messervy, some students find their internships on their own. One senior in this category is Tyler Morris, who will continue to work at his job at Marathon Sports for his internship.

   “The way I did it was probably very different than most people. I just sent an email to my boss and the corporate office asking if I could just do my internship there. They were thrilled to have me come back,” Morris said. “Most people have to send in a résumé, a cover letter, and do a couple interviews. But it was fairly simple for me; just a couple emails.”

   Messervy hopes that the seniors not only learn more about the working world, but learn how to be accountable and gain various life experiences as well.

   “I hope the students will have a meaningful and memorable experience by exploring various career fields… Senior internships provide students the opportunity to take responsibility for themselves, and be accountable for their actions,” Messervy stated. “Hopefully [they] gain a deeper appreciation for their talents and an increased sense of the importance of working with and learning from others in the workplace.”