Juniors Ashley McCoy and Ramin Kiani win the STUCO Co-Presidency

Nate Hohenberg and Mike Curley

On Thursday, May 2, two groups of candidates ran for the position of STUCO Co-Presidents. Juniors Ashley McCoy and Ramin Kiani faced off against fellow juniors Sam Berbeco and John Lian, with McCoy and Kiani coming out victorious in a tight race.

Winners McCoy and Kiani, who share five years of experience in student government, commented on how they felt winning the election.

Our first reaction to winning the election was extreme gratitude to everyone at Weston High who not only voted for us, but took the time to listen to what we had to say,” they said. “This campaign really made us excited for the year to come and we both cannot wait to do what we can to make next year great!”

After the election, Berbeco talked about his disappointment to lose the co-presidency.

“I’m very disappointed. I thought that John and I had a very real chance, and as far as I know, the election was very close,” Berbeco said. “I would like to congratulate Ramin and Ashley. They really gave us a run for our money and it was a lot of fun running against them.”

Building on their speech, McCoy and Kiani went into depth about the community they wish to create.

“As presidents, we want to provide a space for people to be able to let go of their stress and be with their friends. This will not only be fun, but will help us perform better in school because we will all have an outlet to let out stress,” they said.

Along with creating a fun atmosphere, McCoy and Kiani hope to unite the student body during their presidency next year.

“There is sometimes an overarching feeling of divisiveness between different groups of students that we hope to rule out through bonding events,” they said. “School can be stressful enough, without having to worry about the social anxieties that come with a divided student body. We are very excited to discover ways to enhance school spirit, bring the community together, and have a more enjoyable high school experience.”