Students commemorate class unity through senior speeches


Heather Lee

Senior Christina Costa spoke to the whole school during the Senior Assembly.

Wildcat Tracks, Editorial Staff

Eche Onwuama: To the family of 2019

Faculty Appreciation and Overnight

My God-given family couldn’t make it here today but I’m beyond honored to stand here and thank my chosen family, the entire faculty of Weston Public Schools. I realize that no matter where we go in life, the respect and love of family remains strong, and a piece of each of you is being carried with me as I move forward.

Thank you to every Weston parent, METCO parent and staff member that has taken me in as a son. Your efforts and encouragement towards me and my fellow METCO family members will never be forgotten. And on behalf of the Class of 2019, a squad like no other, thank you for helping me find myself as a man. You all have strengthened me in my most personal battles, and that’s what family’s for. We have comforted each other through pain and loss, so it’s only right we turn up together while we still can. Nothing can stop us, we’re all the way up. Bigger and better things ahead.


Christina Costa: Forever in this together

Senior Assembly

As a grade, we have been together through the loss of family members, and people close to us. We were deemed as the class that was trouble, and who everyone was worried about coming into high school. We had some prom drama and even prom diets. We had some car accidents, parking tickets, and we’ve had to walk a mile from the parking lot to school our senior year, but despite all of that, we managed to make it through. For the past four years, all we’ve had is each other and in the best and worst times in each of our lives, the people surrounding you today, in this exact moment, have truly seen it all.

Although this is the end of something so great, it is also the beginning of something so unbelievable that it seems like it is out of reach. But as we look back and remember high school, and as far as we are destined to go in our futures, may we all be able to realize at one moment or another, that we will forever be all in this together.

VJ Rougeau: Cherishing small memories

Class Day

The thing that brings me sadness and joy in these final days are these small memories that we have all gotten to share with each other over the years. Some of them are embarrassing and some are upsetting but they are what we’ll look back on. They make you smile and cry and they don’t have to be large. It could be an unexpected car ride with someone you have never had a long conversation with, or getting to sit next to someone in class who has a similar sense of humor, or watching a game or a meet and experiencing our classmates in their element. Of course, not all of the things we remember about each other will be positive, but what anchors me to all of you and keeps me from drifting away aren’t the days where we were at our worst but the ones where we got to see each other in a good light. And of course this light doesn’t stop with 2019 but reaches our parents and teachers and teammates and cast members and everyone who you have gotten to share a special second with. Some of these people may have left us and we may have left some of them, but you will always have those special moments that you can grab onto that will keep these people there even after our graduation.