Katie Barlow

Barlow skippers for her new crew member on the trapeze

Junior organizes new sailing club at WHS

October 1, 2019

Among the new and old club activities at WHS, a student-created sailing club will join the ranks this year. Looking to spread her passion, junior Katie Barlow is forming a sailing club that could eventually flourish into a varsity sport. 

“I just hope it gets off the ground and I think it will be really good both with the volunteering aspect and sailing and racing practices aspect,” Barlow said. “I feel like there will be a wide variety of activities we can do related to sailing.”

According to Barlow, sailing club could offer many new opportunities and learning experiences for students.

“[I] emphasize sailing for all, so my hope is that for a few weekends we could volunteer as a way of just giving back, because that is one of my beliefs. We will take anyone in the club regardless of sailing abilities,” Barlow noted. 

The newly formed sailing club offers exposure to lifelong knowledge for students. 

“I hope that a sailing club will get more people interested in the sport, to learn navigation on the water as well as valuable skills such as man-overboard procedures and how to signal to other boats,” junior Emma Hsiao said.

This club will further promote environmental involvement in the community among its members.

“I hope that it also encourages people to care about the environment more; sailing is a greener alternative to motorboating, and people tend to watch and care about the parameters of water more if there is recreation done in it,” Hsiao said. 

Athletic Director Michael McGrath spoke about Barlow’s responsibility for the creation and fruition of this team.

“She has really taken the bull by the horns and has been the one that has spearheaded all the potential opportunities of starting the program,” McGrath said. “She has reached out to sailing programs, she has reached out to potential coaches, and she has reached out to student athletes who may be interested.”

Students who are interested in pursuing the sport at WHS should contact Katie Barlow, as the new club welcomes experienced sailors as well as newly interested students. 


Katie Barlow
Junior Katie Barlow sets sail and maneuvers the boat through the water.

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