Q&A with new library aide Aliyah Harris

Sarah Augustine and Julia Lawlor

You just moved and started to work at WHS. What are you looking forward to the most? 

I am looking forward to learning the culture. Every school has a different culture and different events that they’re excited about. So [I’m looking forward to] just being able to integrate myself and enjoy it. I am also really looking forward to potentially helping out with the theater. I have a big theater background and I would love to help out in the productions. 

What is your favorite part of your job so far?

Just being around the books and being able to organize. I was an English major, so reading and discussing are really great. Also having conversations with the teachers that comes in and asking what they are teaching and remembering, like “Oh our high school days,” and “oh I remember when I read Macbeth.” That’s been really exciting.

Do you have a favorite novel or book, or genre?

My genre is usually fiction. It’s really hard for me to choose favorites because every book comes at a different time so it’s like “Oh now that’s my favorite book or that’s my favorite book.” I can remember that “Poppy” was one of my favorite books when I was ten, and I can remember my first chapter book was about a space dog. Now, it’s like everything is my favorite book.

Do you have a favorite quote? 

“Better to ask for forgiveness than for permission.”

What is a fun fact about you?

I am trying to grow my own apple trees. I have six little apple plants in my house and I don’t really know where I am going to plant them because I don’t have a backyard. I also do theater in Boston and have been in the Connecticut lottery commercial.