New club raising awareness for girls in developing countries

Graziella Vezza, Social media manager

From fundraising to community bonding, the new Girl Up club offers a plethora of opportunities for students to raise awareness for girls worldwide. Juniors Jacqueline Liu and Amelia Gotbetter started the Girl Up club this past September and will meet every Thursday morning from 7:30 to 8:30 A.M.

The importance of bringing Girl Up to Weston became apparent to Liu and Gotbetter when they noticed the lack of opportunities for students to help girls thrive worldwide. 

“We observed that there was a deficit because a lot of people in our community are passionate about these things do have the urge to do something more. With the current clubs that are offered, that isn’t really an accessible option,” Liu said. “We thought this would be a great way to bring people who want to make a difference together and to actually take tangible action.”

The Girl Up organization was started by the United Nations Foundation and has clubs all over the world promoting advocacy for girls in developing countries. The organization primarily supports education as well as health, safety, and leadership among young women.

“Their mission is fundraising and advocacy for girls in developing countries like Guatemala, Liberia, Uganda, India, Malawi, and Ethiopia,” Liu said. 

Starting the club has been a long process with lots of paperwork, but both Liu and Gotbetter are excited for what lies ahead. 

“We personally are passionate about this issue, about awareness for girls in developing countries and making a tangible difference, but we also want to just have a club of people who really care,” Gotbetter said. 

Students with all interests are encouraged to join the club, as it can be molded to fit what members want to do in order to bring about positive change. 

“It can be a space for bringing a community together for service and trying to make change in a more global context,” Gotbetter said. “It’s also a space to talk about current events and things that we think are important in and out of our community.” 

The club will learn about the lives of girls in different countries, organize events, plan fundraisers, and spread awareness to the Weston community. 

“We have benchmark assignments through the Girl Up organization where once a month we hold different events,” Gotbetter said. “They can be from a really small scale, something like letter writing to representatives or just having some sort of social event to build community in our group. It can [also] be something larger, like having a large scale fundraiser in our community.”

With about 10 active members, Girl Up is starting a babysitting fundraiser where students can request that parents donate part of their hourly rate to the organization.