Q+A with new P.E. and Wellness Teacher, Matthew Laliberte

Livvy Yun, Arts and entertainment editor

Q: What classes do you teach at WHS? 

A: Currently I teach five sections of freshmen and one section of Recreational Games for grades 10-12.


Q: What is your favorite unit of the year?

A: My favorite unit is the swimming and pool safety unit. I like the idea that we are able to teach something that you would not see in most physical education environments.


Q: Why do you think physical education is important for high school students?

A: There’s a social and emotional tie to it that I think students need based on teamwork and building relationships that are outside their normal friend group and culture.


Q: What role has physical education played in your life?

A: It is my job and the thing that I am most passionate about. I use that in different aspects in my life, like being active and then buying into that myself.


Q: What is your favorite part of your job?

A: Building relationships with students. The idea of building relationships matters to me because it allows for a level of trust that can have a positive impact on someone’s life.


Q: What are you most looking forward to during your time at WHS?

A: Growing as a teacher. I see every opportunity as a chance to grow as an educator. Teaching in a supportive environment is helping me to be more comfortable, especially coming to the district after the start of the school year.


Q: Do you have a personal mantra/saying/quote? 

A: “Foster the change.”