Powderpuff game brings senior girls together

Julia Lawlor and Graziella Vezza, Editors

As the chilly weather signals the end of the football season, the senior girls gather together to participate in one of their last events as a class: the Powderpuff game. On Wednesday, November 27 at 2:00 p.m., the Weston High School senior girls will face off the Wayland High School senior girls in a competitive football game.

“Powderpuff is important to me because it is a tradition throughout the school and has been a thing for years,” senior Madison Howell said. “It’s also important to me because it allows my grade to unify and do something fun while bonding and working together while learning football.” 

Years of watching the annual Powderpuff game builds excitement in students as they enter their senior year qualified to participate. 

“Powderpuff is important to me because all my life I have been waiting to be eligible to play in this game,” senior Becca Abrams said. “I have watched many of the seniors before me practice, and play in the event and I am very happy it is finally my turn!”

For senior Nikki Liu, Powderpuff is an event that unites the senior girls and utilizes everyone’s strengths. 

Classes work differently, sometimes you get to see some people, sometimes you don’t,” Liu said. “The Powderpuff [game] definitely brings everyone together and that builds a stronger team.”

The game serves as an opportunity for students with various athletic abilities to get involved in a fun team sport. 

“It’s just super fun to try something new,” senior Jesse Brandner said. “For some people who don’t do team sports, it’s a cool experience.”

Part of what makes Powderpuff unique is that the coaches are boys from the senior class. 

“The coaches are some of the boys in our grade. They all want to do everything they can to bring home the win. Each coach has their own strong suit which brings much to the team,” Abrams said. 

For this Powderpuff game, the coaches are mainly football players who are helping the girls to solidify their skills.

“The coaches are mainly on the football team, like Noah, Mat, Ramin and they have been super helpful. They schedule our practice, they teach us how to throw,” Liu said. 

In addition to supplying a space for the senior girls to bond, Powderpuff gives everyone a chance to get involved in football.

“I love watching football, whether it is a Pats game or the Weston Football team, so it is a great experience being able to play,” Abrams said.