Parking Committee finalizes solution plan for parking at WHS


Heather Lee

The WHS parking lot has the capacity to hold 148 cars. During early November

Heather Lee, Co-editor-in-chief

After receiving and reviewing a total of 202 parking applications from juniors and seniors, the WHS Parking Committee finalized its solutions for the overcrowded parking lot at WHS. The committee handed out assigned spots to all 124 senior applicants on December 7, while 14 junior applicants were given spots via a lottery on December 10. 

“The committee thought that whatever we did, we had to have effective enforcement,” committee member and WHS principal Anthony Parker said. “Having assigned spots is easier for enforcement. We’ll know whose car is in the right spot, and whose car is not.” 

The decision to prioritize seniors was based on a near 60% approval from a school-wide survey sent out in early October. 

“I felt that [seniors should be prioritized] from the beginning. We all did, but the survey confirmed it,” Parker said. “The committee was happy with this decision, and the superintendent was happy with it [as well].” 

With 124 assigned senior spaces, as well as two-dozen faculty who would need to move from the grass to the parking lot in the winter, no parking spots are available to the majority of the 78 junior applicants. Although parking on the berm on the sidewalk of the east side of Wellesley street was available earlier this year, the onset of snow in early December eliminated this option. 

In a letter sent out to the school community on November 22, the Parking Committee recommended that juniors should start to seek other methods of transportation such as buses and carpools.

“Certainly, as the weather clears in the spring, we may be able to return to the temporary grass spaces and will amend our parking protocols accordingly,” the committee said in the aforementioned letter. 

A parked car without a permit will be subject to ticketing or towing for both faculty and students. However, the entire lot will be open for any driver after 3:15 p.m. to compensate for student athletes who want to bring their vehicle to the school for late practices. Students may also obtain a parking pass for a day by having their guardian contact Lori Reid in the attendance office beforehand.