Varsity boys hockey team looks forward to a great season

Ava Dreyer & Kaitlyn Ewald , Staff writers

The dedicated Weston and Dover-Sherborn boys varsity hockey team consists of players from two different towns.They do a good job managing the difficult practice times and bonding all the players. 

My favorite thing about the team is the level of dedication,” head coach Tom Bourque said. “Unlike most high school sports, we do not practice after school. Most of our practices are at night at two different locations, so it’s tough on the players’ schedules.”

Even though the team consists of players from both Dover-Sherborn and Weston, the team is working on developing a strong bond between both towns. 

“We hope to grow as a team and establish a great bond between the players.  We want 

to grow a tradition of community service and winning with class,” Bourque said. “We feel good about the bond and the strides we took last year in bringing the two schools together.”

Despite the experience and skill on the team, the team needs to work on their motivation to start winning more games. 

“We have the skill to beat any team, we just don’t have the determination that the teams we are playing have,” freshman Finn Maher said. “If we want to win, we have to change that.”

After the team missed last year’s tournament, they are working hard to make it this year. 

“We play 22 games and only need 10 wins to make states,” freshman Thomas Sacco said. “We can easily still make it and be successful.”

The team’s record is 3-7. Their next game is on Wednesday, January 22 vs. Norton High School at Natick Chase Arena.