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Grad requirements limit student choice

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By Danielle Barenholtz, Caroline McNamara, Vivian Lehman Bradford Peters, and Samantha Swartz

‘I have 5 frees!’

‘I have 8 frees!’

‘I have 11 frees!’

Well, some seniors only have one, maybe even none. Unless they are in band, orchestra or chorus, all students must fulfill three art credits to graduate. If there is a student that has not met these requirements by senior year, they need to cram them into their schedules. This eliminates opportunities for free blocks, which are invaluable to seniors, especially during first term.

With college applications looming and homework piling up, a free for an upperclassman is precious time to meet life-changing deadlines. But for those students who don’t have frees because of a schedule full of art requirements, the minutes to complete this work outside of school are scarce.

This is particularly frustrating for students who take challenging electives such as Journalism and Business. These classes are considered electives even though they meet five times out of the rotation.

But what confuses students the most is cooking. Cooking is a culinary art!

Yes, the word art is in it.

No, guidance does not accept it as an art credit.

Art is considered to be a form of expression. Writing for the newspaper or even in general: that is a form of expression. Preparing cultural foods in class: that is also a form of expression. Students don’t need a camera, paint brush, pencils or clay to make art. Art can be portrayed in many forms.

We are students in a school that is fortunate enough to have many options for electives. Graduation requirements are not hard to complete but the non-academic credit requirements should be discussed with the student body so electives can be appreciated more by the individuals who take them.

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Grad requirements limit student choice