Student officers prepare for the year despite Covid challenges

Sarah Augustine, Co-Editor-In-Chief

The beginning of each school year simultaneously comes with the election of new student officers, and despite Covid-19, this year is no different. Students were elected for each position and results were announced on October 9. Officers are planning to fulfill their roles regardless of the new changes to this school year. 

Student activities director Cynthia Brisky is hoping that despite the hardships this year has brought on for students, students will still be able to build relationships and enjoy the various adapted events. 

“My goal is to find ways for students to actually connect or feel connected through activities, real and virtual. It will be challenging, but I am hoping we can get creative and find ways to build connections,” Brisky stated. 

In terms of connections, faculty advisor Sophie Kulas believes that the student government as a whole needs to continue practicing communication between all groups. 

“The student government needs to be on the same page as the students, and they need to be a bridge between the students and the administration in a professional manner,” Kulas noted. 

Senior class president Nate Icke also believes in improving the student government, specifically the number of events each year. 

“I think that it has been hard in the past due to troubles with getting approval from the administration, but I don’t think any of that should be a factor this year, as Mr. Peri is really on our side in terms of planning things. He really wants us to have a great year,” Icke said. 

Junior class treasurer Jenna Hashem is also determined to bring in more class events for the junior class, and elaborates on an event the student government has been planning for. 

“We were working on a drive-in movie for upperclassmen in the fall, however, as the year moves forward there will be different events if this doesn’t end up working out,” Hashem stated. 

In agreement with Icke and Hashem, senior vice president Nicole Rosenfeld wants the seniors’ year to be fulfilling, and shares her ideas in order to make this happen. 

“I think we can assemble together in our cars in the parking lot for assemblies and rallies for our grade. I think we could also have movie nights in our cars. It is probably the most COVID safe way to have assemblies,” Rosenfeld said. 

Further elaborating on the ideas compiled by the student officers, senior class secretary Lily Heslam believes that volunteer work should be a part of this year’s senior experiences. 

“I hope that this holiday season we can donate a lot of gifts and other items to people in need. Usually we have the giving tree which allows different members of the school community to purchase a gift from a kid’s wishlist,” Heslam noted. “We can then bring these gifts to the kids which is always nice to make someone else happy during the holiday season. I hope that goes well again this year.”

Additional to the student government’s ideas, Heslam explained the officers’ desires to listen to all. 

“We want to hear what the rest of our class has to say, and if anyone has any ideas, they should reach out to us!”