Outdoor COVID-safe activities arise with the new season


Sarah Augustine

A view of the marsh at Cutler Park Reservation.

Sarah Augustine, Co-Editor-in-Chief

As the days become longer and the official start of spring is here, the end of the isolating and limiting winter months brings relief for many. Although COVID-19 controls much of our actions, there are many local activities in the Weston and Boston area that students can safely pursue. 

Nature walks are a great way to connect with the outdoors and explore new territory right in our backyards. 

“I think getting direct sunlight can be really beneficial for anyone, pandemic or not, but I think it’s extremely helpful to boost morale,” senior Margeaux McCaughey said. 

There are so many local trails, particularly breathtaking in the spring, that give people the ability to stay socially-distanced. 

When hoping to explore a new woods trail, Cutler Park Reservation in Needham, MA, is a great and local option. The trails surround a freshwater marsh and include several different routes, and many enjoy strolling through the dirt paths with their dogs. 

Although dogs are unfortunately not allowed at this beautiful location, Great Meadows National Wildlife Refuge, in Concord, MA, includes scenic walking and running trails encompassing a pond filled with various unique wildlife. There are even several lookout locations, perfect for viewing sunrise or sunset. 

“Spending too much time cooped up in your room or at home isn’t good for your health. Getting outside and getting fresh air can allow an escape from the indoors to see nature and get away from your screen,” senior Mark Pettinato stated. 

Depending on comfort levels, outdoor dining is another delightful activity that can give many a sense of “normalcy” as well as a way to socialize, as long as it is done safely with distance measures and masks. 

“I am excited to eat at restaurants outside soon. A lot of restaurants with outdoor seating closed for the winter, but hopefully as the weather improves some options in Wellesley will allow for outdoor dining. I really miss going out to dinner with friends,” junior Annie Kosowsky noted. 

Boston, MA, offers many outdoor dining options that allow small groups of friends and family to join together in a safe manner. Piattini, in the Back Bay, offers delicious Italian cuisine, as well as both lunch and dinner menus, on a comfortable and safe patio for many to enjoy.

 Aside from Italian cuisine, Lola 42 located in Seaport offers various modern Japanese and global dishes, including sushi. The outdoor seating has a stunning view of the harbor. 

Boston Burger Company is a festive American restaurant located on Boylston Street that serves burgers, fries, and giant, elaborate frappes topped with various sweet treats. The outdoor patio is comfortably spaced and is perfectly equipped for people to enjoy a safe meal. 

The pandemic has not only forced many of us into a physically distant state, but it has also caused many to feel emotionally detached from others. 

“Spending your time at home and on Zoom can cause a sense of loneliness from being isolated from your friends for so long,” Pettinato expressed. “Having felt this sense myself during the pandemic, I can confidently say it’s awful. Being able to spend time with others and get outside and interact, even if it is socially distanced, can help with the feeling of loneliness.”

Engaging in pleasant activities during this confining period can be challenging for many, and therefore it is important to find things to do within one’s comfort levels in order to stay mentally healthy. Venturing outdoors can give people the outlet they need in order to get through this challenging time of isolation.