The fall season brings new fashion trends


Madison Jackson

Madison Jackson poses in trendy high waisted wide leg jeans

Ava Dreyer, Co-editor-in-chief

   The month of September for many people means back to school, sports, and transitioning into fall. Especially in Massachusetts, autumn also brings colder weather, which causes a complete change in fashion from the warmer summer months. As more and more people begin to push boundaries and reimagine fashion, many students are interested in the topic.

   According to Vogue, the biggest fashion trends this fall are baggy jeans, leather pants, platform shoes, and preppy vests. Forbes Magazine also predicted athleisure, high top sneakers, and high waisted and wide leg jeans to be in this season. Aside from those, students have their own opinions on what they would like to see people wearing in the halls this fall.

   “I want to see more bodysuits and puffer vests and jackets,” senior Madison Jackson said. “Bodysuits are so underrated and they elevate any look. I want to see more sheer tops. They are so fun with a cute bralette underneath.”

   With the colder weather approaching, students like sophomore Sage Hadley are eager to wear new types of clothing. 

   “I am looking forward to wearing more jeans, and sweaters. I also am looking forward to wearing a cut long sleeve,” Hadley said. “ I want to see more people wearing baggy jeans and more cool shoes. I definitely want to see less people wearing leggings all the time.”

   Students are also encouraging peers to step out of their comfort zone when it comes to fashion, and have ideas of what they don’t want to see people wearing as much.

   “This fall I really hope we can continue to see creative interpretations of different lanes of menswear,” senior Mikey Steinberg said. “Last year we saw a surge of collections inspired by hiking, and it made for a lot of interesting clothing. I’m tired of the classic menswear look.” 

   While fashion in general revolves around trends and preferences, it also can represent something more 

han just clothing. When Jackson went to a fashion camp run by Victoria Secret model Devon Windsor, she was able to find confidence in herself and in her style.

   “I had always been insecure about what other kids at school say about me for dressing up, but If I look great then I feel great. ” Jackson said. “I think with our generation, there are a lot of body image issues and I feel like fashion has really helped me become confident in that way.”

   Fashion can also act as a way for people to not only find their confidence, but figure out other parts of their personalities, and express themselves.

   “Fashion for me is like a form of introspection. There are parts of myself and ideas that I have that just cannot be put into words,” Steinberg explained. “It allows me to experience these internal feelings in a concrete way. The route of my interest in fashion is my curiosity. Questions like ‘Who amI? Who do I want to be?’ And ‘Where do I fit in this world?’ All have informed me of the way I dress.”