Kanye’s Donda vs. Drake’s CLB


Molly Ross

Results of poll.

Molly Ross, Sports Editor

Kanye’s Donda vs. Drake’s CLB

Over the past few years Kanye West and Drake have fought over their fan bases, and have always been in the battle of one upping the other artist. For some fans it was a big toss up to choose between DONDA by Kanye West and Certified Lover Boy (CLB) by Drake after both of these albums were dropped within a week of one another. Due to all of this commotion, Wildcat Tracks sent out a poll to the school to see which album was better, and there were about fifty votes to decide which album WHS liked more. While this may not be a decisive sample of fans, the students made it very clear as to which album they preferred. WHS voted that DONDA was the better album.

Some students anonymously gave a few comments explaining why they chose the album that they did. Since there was so much buildup many believed that Certified Lover Boy would be the better album, because Drake is always a safe choice, but in the end Kanye was able to be experimental with his discography while also sticking to his original style. 


  • “Donda is my personal favorite out of the two because of how Kanye manages to stay true to the gospel-rap style he has sculpted throughout his career, yet doesn’t sacrifice a bit of experimentalism on the way. My favorite track, ‘Come to Life’, might be one of his best yet.”
  • “I feel that CLB was very monotone when it came to variety. I felt like I was listening to the same song over and over again, yet with Donda I feel that there were some gems.”
  • “Donda was more unique with the instrumentals. Expectations were super high for CLB, so most of the songs were basic/bland.”