Students prepare for upcoming school dances and grade-wide events


Dan Wims

Seniors attending the black and white dance

Mandy Maselli , Staff Writer

   After two years of Covid restrictions causing the cancellation of or limitations on school dances, they are finally back to normal this spring. Each grade at WHS has an upcoming dance or event to look forward to: the Freshman have a semi-formal, the sophomores have a casino night, while the juniors and seniors have a combined prom. 

   Since the spring of 2020, WHS has had to cancel or change many grade-specific school events like dances and outings, but at the moment, with Covid numbers so low, upcoming events should be able to go forward without any restrictions. The freshman semi-formal, taking place on June 11 will be the first to enjoy this new freedom. 

    “Masks won’t be required at the dance. They are completely optional,” said freshman class president, Andreas Gavris.

   The theme for the freshman semi-formal is “red carpet.”

   “We are hoping to literally roll out a red carpet. The dance has not been held for so long, so it is exciting to bring it back” said Gavris.

    Students are anticipating the Hollywood-like experience coupled with the chance to dress formally. 

   “The dance sounds fun. I think the idea of a red carpet is cool because it’s more formal and you get to hang out with your friends,” said freshman Amia Hyman. 

   The sophomore class’s upcoming casino night on May 21 will occur for the first time in many years. While the students are excited to return to this tradition, some wonder why it is being held in the Weston recreational center.  

   “This year’s casino night is at the recreational center in Weston so that we can save money on the venue. This way, we will have more class funds for our prom,” said the sophomore class president Caleb Graupera.

   Sophomores are hopeful for the success of casino night. 

   “The boat cruise was really fun, so I am excited to see what will happen with the casino night,” said sophomore Alex Ko.

   Juniors and seniors will enjoy an under-the-stars-themed prom on May 14, and this marks the return of the combined-class prom for the first time since 2019.

   “We are really excited to have dances back. The juniors have only had one high school dance before,” said junior class vice president Shreya Mehta.  

    The students in the junior class were not able to hold the usual events at the end of their freshman and throughout their sophomore years, so this event is much anticipated.

   “This dance is exciting because it’s the first big formal dance for juniors, and people are going with dates for the first time,” junior Caitlin Bradley said.

   While for some students these events will be the first of their kind in a long time, the seniors’ Black and White dance on March 19 set the standard for having a great night filled with music and fun.

   “The senior Black and White dance was a great success as we all gathered together to celebrate each other with a little over 85% of senior participation,” said senior class vice president Jenna Hashem. “The night ran smoothly, and with no Covid restrictions, we felt reconnected with the traditions that we had witnessed as freshmen and sophomores before the pandemic, things that we had looked forward to as we watched the upperclassmen receive their rite of passages. I am more than confident that this spring will be worth the wait with more events and dances to come.”