WHS anticipates end of the year schedule

Livvy Yun, Opinion Editor

   As WHS approaches the closing of the school year, students and faculty also anticipate the year-end schedule of activities, including the return to the traditional format of June Academy, senior internships, and AP exams. These events usher in excitement and nerves as they differ from the end-of-the-year schedule last year with Covid.

   One part of the end-of-the-year agenda is AP exams. This year, all AP exams will be held in person, contrasting from the majority being online last year. 

   “It’s going to be weird for seniors because we’ve only taken AP exams online, unless you took a language exam last year, but for me, I’ve only ever taken AP exams online,” senior Jenna Hashem said.  “I’m taking two this year, and that will be really different. And probably harder, honestly.”

   AP exams will run from May 2 to May 13, with morning exams from 7:30 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. and afternoon exams from 11:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. More specific details regarding the exams will be made in AP classes, through the daily WHS bulletins, or on the Guidance webpage.

   Another distinctive aspect of the closing school year is senior internships. The return of these internships brings opportunities for seniors to explore possible career options and interests. Last year, seniors participated in Senior Projects, a more loose exploration of interests to accommodate for Covid and its challenges. 

   “Senior internships this year are going to be more like they have been in years past where students for the most part are able to go to a worksite and engage in a hopefully meaningful internship for two weeks,” business teacher and director of senior internships Cynthia Dorman said. “We do recognize that some of them may be remote due to a business that hasn’t fully come back to normal yet, but we hope to find as many opportunities for students as we possibly can.”

   Students have begun selecting from a range of possible internships, from gardening to photography. 

   “I like that we get the opportunity to intern somewhere and experience some sort of work setting outside of what we might be used to,” senior Grant Berry said. “I’m interested in marketing, so I think it would be interesting to see how a company might go about marketing a product. Overall, I just want to learn about certain aspects of the business world first hand.”

   Students on internships are required to provide weekly updates about their internships through a daily activity journal and to work a minimum of 25 hours per week. Those who have not completed their graduation requirements will instead participate in Senior School during the time period.

   The end of the year also signals another special schedule for WHS students: June Academy. June Academy will take place June 14 to June 21. Underclassmen chose their top choices for June Academy recently, and from their preferences, priority for placement will be given to juniors followed by sophomores, and then freshmen. In the past, sessions have ranged from learning how to play bridge to fishing in the pond. 

   “I am excited at the thought of June Academy,” freshman Sofia Sanzone said. “It’s an opportunity that seems to be both fun and beneficial, and I cannot wait to learn more about it. I’m interested in potentially trying a hiking session or an activity involving law and the Supreme Court.”

   When selecting a June Academy course, students are encouraged to choose an activity outside of their comfort zones, given that June Academy is a unique opportunity to WHS.

   “I honestly don’t know of any other school district that does this,” Dorman said. “Most schools go right up to the end to the last day with classes and finals, but the fact that Weston High offers this week for students to kind of explore other things is a really awesome idea. I hope that everybody takes full advantage of it.”

   June Academy is also important for the engagement and enjoyment of having the chance to teach and learn something new for WHS educators.

   “The Weston High School community has responded with enthusiasm to the idea of establishing student-centered learning experiences… following final exams.” Flynn said.

   The end-of-the-year schedule can be found on the school website, and will be posted in the coming weeks.