End of year senior traditions


Courtesy of Mandy Maselli

Seniors pose while playing assassins

Mandy Maselli , Staff Writer

    Countless end-of-year traditions for seniors happen annually to end the seniors’ high school careers.  This year the most prominent ones are senior assassins, senior skip day, senior spirit week, and the overnight.

      The senior assassin tradition is a little newer to Weston and some students believe it is not as exciting as in other schools. There is a bracket-style structure of the game to keep assigning seniors new targets once they have killed someone. Once you have been shot, though, you are out. 

   “I think it is really fun, but I think Weston needs to get more intense about it. Other schools like Newton get really into it,” said senior Rebekah Jaffe.

   The faculty believe the senior assassins tradition is really fun for the seniors. 

   “All the seniors loved it. It is one of their favorite traditions of the year,” said Cynthia Brisky.

 Senior skip day is unlike the other traditions because not all the faculty approved of the tradition. It is when most of the seniors skip the same day of school and usually do some activities with their classmates instead during the day. 

   “I think it was a bit late to have a skip day because of AP exams, but because it is a good tradition most people still do it and have fun,” said Wang. 

   Senior spirit week is one of the traditions that happen during the senior’s last week of high school to send them off. Each day a different theme is picked for the students to dress up as, like twin day. 

   “It is really exciting. The years have gone by really quickly so it’s fun to celebrate,” said senior Hanna Wang. 

   The senior overnight trip is kept a secret from the class because it is a surprise planned by the class advisors and parents. Throughout the night after graduation, the seniors go to a bunch of different activities with their fellow graduates. 

   “I think it is exciting. We all get on the bus right after graduation. I have not really heard any negative things about it. It is your last thing as a grade together,” said Siobhan Lacey.

   Most seniors are really excited about the overnight because of its secretive nature.

   “I think it is really cool because nobody knows what it is so it’s surprising,” said Wang.

   The overnight is led by parent advisors. 

   “Teachers do not go on the overnight because technically they are no longer our kids afterthey have graduated,” said Brisky.

    Once the seniors leave, the current juniors take on the senior role. 

   “I am really excited to be a senior. It is a little nerve wracking though,” said junior Eloise Froelich. 

   The juniors have a spirit week of their own after the seniors leave and also now sit in the senior section of the cafe. 

   “I have not heard the exact details but some of the days in the past have been tropical-themed, neon day or PJ day,” said junior Carolyn Paquin. 

   The juniors also receive their senior t-shirts during this spirit week. 

   “I am excited to get the t-shirts and finally celebrate being a senior,” said junior Bella Duggan.