Spring Fling and Celebrate Weston come together May 21


Josh Hanson, Writer

   Weston High School Student Council is hosting the ninth annual Spring Fling, which was originally scheduled for May 20. Due to inclement weather, it has been moved to Sunday, May 21 on the Weston Town Green from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m.. The Spring Fling is a fundraising event for Camp No Limits, a non-profit organization that provides camps for children with limb loss and other physical differences. All proceeds from the Spring Fling will go to Camp No Limits.

   The Spring Fling is geared towards children in grades K-5, but is available as a fun family activity for all ages. The event will feature games, music, caricatures, a petting zoo, face painting, cookie decorating and more. There will also be food.

    Weston High School’s consumer science teacher, Eunice Feller is helping to organize this year’s Spring Fling along with members of the student council. In addition to the games and activities, Feller is also focused on the food that will be offered for sale.

  “It is a standalone concession stand… [offering]  hot dogs and hamburgers, and we are going to have homemade lemonade this year. This is the first year we are including a vegetarian option, a veggie burger,” said Feller.

   In 2018, the Spring Fling was able to raise over $10,000 for Camp No Limits. This year, the Student Council hopes to surpass that amount and contribute more to Camp No Limits

   This year Spring Fling will face some new opportunities and challenges in relation to the concurrent event, Celebrate Weston.

   “This year and last year we’ve had some hurdles, because the town of Weston has scheduled their Celebrate Weston at the same time rather than Spring Fling being a standalone event,” said Feller.  “Now we are sharing the town green with a professionally produced event that is not a fundraiser, is free to the public and also has kids activities that don’t require a donation.”

   Celebrate Weston is a town-wide event that showcases the diverse clubs, organizations, and businesses that are in Weston to help residents of Weston engage in the culture and activities the town has to offer. Celebrate Weston will feature local music entertainment, kids activities, fire and police vehicles, interactive historical displays, tours and a street fair of local businesses. Celebrate Weston is not a fundraiser and will be sharing the Town Green with Spring Fling.

   To raise money for the Spring Fling efforts and Camp No Limits student council members have thought of unique ways to raise money for their cause.

   “To raise a larger amount of money, we introduced Cupcake Wars. We sold cupcake packages to the elementary schools to increase our fundraising efforts,” said junior Sloan Hinton, a Student Council member who will help run Spring Fling.

   Students who went to Spring Fling last year had lots of fun and playing the activities provided and raising money for Camp No Limits

  “It was fun but it was really hot. I mostly served people food. It’s fun to raise money for a good cause, ” said Weston High School sophomore Sam Hinckley.

  Organizers of Celebrate Weston note that parking in the downtown area will be limited, but many parking lots in and around the Town Green will be open for free parking. Arrive early to secure your spot and enjoy all that Spring Fling and Celebrate Weston have to offer.