Students express similar and different fashion preferences


Jeffrey Asaredanquah

Juniors Mathew Blandon Balladares and Coco Curran display comfortable school clothes

Jeffrey Asaredanquah, Photo Editor

   The only WHS dress code is that there is no dress code. WHS students choose to wear many different types of clothing that vary from sportswear to business casual.

   Even with these different clothing choices, student preference suggests that comfort is the number one priority when choosing what to wear to school.

   “I prefer to be comfortable. Usually when I’m going to school I don’t wear too many stylish clothes,” said senior Trevor Gold.

   Most students look to avoid clothing that makes them feel confined and uneasy. Because of this students prefer not to try too hard when picking what to wear.

   “I just keep it simple with a hoodie or t-shirt with sweatpants. White and black clothing is easy to match, so I keep it simple there too,” said sophomore Noah Silva.

   However, this does not discourage students from expressing themselves through their unique preferences of clothing. Certain students believe that while simple, loose clothing keeps them cozy, the key is to be able to wear something that is comfortable and stylish.

   “I like to find a balance between both,” said senior Chidalu Onwuma. “When it comes to school, I want to be comfortable because I move around a lot, but I try to make it somewhat stylish too because I think that’s really important.”

   While comfort is a shared interest among students, they have different perspectives as to what is stylish. Certain students prefer clothing with graphics on them.

   “Sometimes a sweatshirt can make your outfit stand out, but if you have a graphic tee with bright colors,it really makes your fit better,” said senior Jojo Uga.

  Sometimes the type of clothing students wear will also depend on the season and day.

   “I prefer things like sweatpants, sweatshirts, and leggings, but in the summer it’s usually jean shorts and tank tops, so it’s not as comfortable,” said sophomore Lily Spencer.

   Even with the popularity of sweatshirts and sweatpants, student clothing is very diverse. Certain students like to mix it up with different forms of clothing.

   “I like to wear what people call business casual,” junior Max Burd said. “Either jeans and khakis or some sort of vest or flannel in the winter.”

   Some students also believe that accessories are an important part of overall appearance

   “A chain or other jewelry is important to me,” said junior Amani Lopes Mercury. “You always have to have accessories to make the fit look better.”

   Another important factor affecting clothing preference is color scheme. Some students prefer bright colors.

   “It’s important for your fit to stand out. Dark colors can make the outfit look good but they’re not as appealing as bright colors,” said Uga.

   There are also reasons why a student may choose to go with darker colors 

   “I naturally prefer darker colors,” said sophomore Coco Curran. “I prefer darker mostly because I think my skin tone looks better in darker colors.”

   Another interesting aspect to student preference is whether the colors match or not. Most students agree that matching colors is important, but others believe you can have a good outfit without the colors repeating.

   “Even from a distance you can see where somebody is going with their fit even when the colors aren’t spot on. It shows that the fit itself does not have to be perfect and you can still see perfection in imperfections,” said Onwuama.

   What is interesting about student clothing preferences is that teachers echo similar preferences. Specifically, the comfortability aspect of clothing is something teachers value even though they are limited by what teachers can and cannot wear to school.

   “My ideal uniform to school would be to wear an open collar short sleeved shirt and a pair of shorts,” said health and wellness department head Mitch Finnegan. “[However] I was trained by physical educators that said that a PE teacher outside of the gym should dress in a shirt and a tie.”

   While students dress for different reasons and value different things when it comes to clothing, most WHS students believe that what somebody chooses to wear to school every day makes a statement.

   “What you wear is important,” said junior Katie Gaw. “You show who you are through what you wear.”