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Nurse Becker to retire after 17 years of service

Nurse Kathleen Becker will be remembered for her supporting and kind nature.  PHOTO/Christopher Fehl

June 1, 2017

By Grace Wang and Matthew Sakai Whether in need of a band-aid or a confident hand to check the severity of a fever, students know they can always count on Nurse Kathleen Becker. Beloved for her warm and welcoming smile and trusted for her expertise, she will be sorely missed after her retirement this s...

Class gifts celebrate unity through art

Class gifts celebrate unity through art

Heather Lee

May 16, 2017

This year, the class of 2017 showed their creativity with two murals, each paired with a multi-media installation created from contributions that were open to all seniors.   New Horizons, the mural painted primarily by senior Isabella Aslarus, is set back behind hanging origami doves on which ea...

Griswold emphasizes health benefits of yoga

The health benefits of reverse warrior pose include strengthening and stretching your shoulders, arms, legs, ankles and back, while improving focus, stability and circulation. DRAWING/ Eliza Jiang GRAPHIC/ Ellie Rosenfeld

May 16, 2017

By Grace Wang Inhale, and exhale. While in warrior pose, math teacher Natalie Griswold leads her yoga class in deep breathing. Though it is a physical activity, Griswold has found yoga to be helpful in many aspects of her life.   For Griswold, yoga is a way of life that has allowed her to maintai...

Experienced chef and business owner takes over the cooking classroom

Freshman Luca Leshly puts black beans and cheese into a food processor, while freshman Michael Makool cracks eggs in the background.

Matthew Sakai, Staff Writer

May 11, 2017

The enticing smell of pizza or corn bread or cookies wafts out of the the cooking classroom, inviting passersby to pause and look inside. This is all thanks to cooking teacher Chef Eunice Feller, who joined the WHS faculty in February.   Before coming to Weston, Feller had experience teaching recreational class...

Pulitzer Prize winning author gives powerful presentation at WHS

Sonia Nazario used many photographs to describe the perilous journey that child migrants take when riding freight trains as they flee violence and poverty in Central America. PHOTO/ Adi Saligrama

April 26, 2017

By Heather Lee Pulitzer-prize winning author Sonia Nazario captured her rapt audience on her visit to WHS to talk about her research on the waves of Central American child migrants on March 24 for the biannual Ben Sandall Presentation.   Every year, hundreds of thousands of migrant children ...

Q&A with Lee McCanne explains the goals of video surveillance on campus

Q&A with Lee McCanne explains the goals of video surveillance on campus

February 27, 2017

By Heather Lee Q: When were the parking lot cameras installed, and who decided to install them? A: The decision to install the cameras was over a year ago; the request was made from Mr. Parker. It was funded in July, but it wasn’t kicked off until August or September this year. Then they...

Library renovation plans nearly finalized

Library renovation plans nearly finalized

February 27, 2017

  For more information on the upcoming library renovation, click here....

Yegros uses art to brighten people’s days

Yegros uses art to brighten people’s days

Lauren Moran, Editor

February 16, 2017

Which students do you think these are? Find the answers at the bottom of the page. ILLUSTRATION/Yegros    Spanish teacher Alejandro Yegros began teaching himself to draw when he was a kid. These days, what started out as a way to combat boredom, has led Yegros to be an accomplished caricature drawer.   Yegros said h...

Best Buddies club welcomes new members and new traditions

Best Buddies’ newest member, Buddy. Find photos of him with the club at Disney World, Shelburne Farm, and more, on their Facebook page, “Weston Best Buddies 16-17.”							   		          PHOTO/Hamavid

Holly Hardiman, Editor

February 16, 2017

The Best Buddies club is one of the more popular clubs on campus and this year they’ve welcomed an especially unique new member to their spirited ranks: a rubber duck named Buddy. “He wears an amazing Best Buddies cape that Ms. Hamavid made,” said co-president Liz Kaye. “Anyone can ta...

Students speak out about recent demonstration

Students who describe themselves as

January 3, 2017

By Sunny Liang

Weston students make a statement about diversity

Students who describe themselves as

December 15, 2016

By Danielle Feinstein On the morning of December 15, WHS students walked into school to find the walls and tables covered with signs such as “expose the hate”, “no disrespect”, and “insult my race, say it to my face”. The signs were bright yellow, numerous, and impossible to ignore. Along...

Weston Powderpuff breaks three year losing streak

Weston Powderpuff team celebrating after a 20-13 win against Wayland at the annual Powderpuff game.  PHOTO/ Roberto Rigobon

December 14, 2016

By Ellie Rosenfeld Weston triumphed over Wayland in the the annual Powderpuff game on November 23 at Wayland High School. The 20-13 win ended a three year losing streak. Of course, the girls wanted to win, but some of the seniors thought just playing together was the highlight of the day. ...

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