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Hypnotist show entertains Weston community

Devito speaks to the audience as volunteers walk up to the stage.

Heather Lee, Co-Editor-in-Chief

October 27, 2019

Pop music blared over the speakers as people filed into the WHS auditorium on October 12. Families and friends chatted excitedly as comedy stage hypnotist Joe Devito came on stage to  sweeping applause.   “I’m so glad the Class of 2020 and 2021 decided to bring back the show after so many ye...

New club raising awareness for girls in developing countries

Graziella Vezza, Social media manager

October 18, 2019

From fundraising to community bonding, the new Girl Up club offers a plethora of opportunities for students to raise awareness for girls worldwide. Juniors Jacqueline Liu and Amelia Gotbetter started the Girl Up club this past September and will meet every Thursday morning from 7:30 to 8:30 A.M. ...

Upcoming Pumpkin Fest event to tie together Weston community

Wildcat Tracks Editorial Staff

October 10, 2019

The fall-themed charity event Pumpkin Fest will take place on the Town Green on Saturday, October 12 from noon to 4:00 P.M. Open to the Weston community, all proceeds from the event will go to Camp Sunshine, a summer program for children battling life-threatening illnesses.  From cookie decora...

WHS brothers revive composting project for Weston residents

The plot of land where the Luu brothers compost food scraps and yard waste.

Michael Curley, News Editor

October 10, 2019

In the fall of 2018, senior Nathaniel Luu and his brother, freshman Theo Luu, revived Munch Poop, an award winning composting project that they started in elementary school. Their goal is to give Weston residents a place to compost their food scraps. “We noticed that the Weston Transfer Station didn’t have a w...

WHS works toward solutions to parking problems

Most spaces in the student parking lot were occupied on the morning of Monday, September 23.

Casey Friedman, Adi Saligrama, and Alexandra Liang

October 1, 2019

Towards the beginning of the school year, a slew of emails detailing changes to parking and open campus policy were sent out to students and parents. On August 28 the school announced that juniors would be losing parking and open campus privileges starting this year. However, after concerns were brought up ...

Parker prepares for final year as principal at WHS

Principal Anthony Parker, who has served for 13 years, answers his office telephone.

Adi Saligrama and Heather Lee

October 1, 2019

After serving for 13 years at WHS, principal Anthony Parker announced his resignation in a letter to the school on August 23. In the letter, Parker explained his accomplishments in the past few years and his hopes for the future of the WHS community. “I have few regrets,” Parker said. “We want[ed]...

Junior organizes new sailing club at WHS

Barlow skippers for her new crew member on the trapeze

Sarah Augustine, Photo Editor

October 1, 2019

Among the new and old club activities at WHS, a student-created sailing club will join the ranks this year. Looking to spread her passion, junior Katie Barlow is forming a sailing club that could eventually flourish into a varsity sport.  “I just hope it gets off the ground and I think it will be r...

Students commemorate class unity through senior speeches

Senior Christina Costa spoke to the whole school during the Senior Assembly.

Wildcat Tracks, Editorial Staff

June 7, 2019

Eche Onwuama: To the family of 2019 Faculty Appreciation and Overnight My God-given family couldn’t make it here today but I’m beyond honored to stand here and thank my chosen family, the entire faculty of Weston Public Schools. I realize that no matter where we go in life, the respect and lov...

2019 prom takes WHS by storm

Wildcat Tracks, Editorial Staff

June 7, 2019

Student Government Election Results

From left to right: Juniors Jack Noonan, Ashley McCoy, Ramin Kiani, Becca Abrams, and sophomore Lena Bartolotti at WHS.

June 7, 2019

Student Council Co-Presidents Ramin Kiani & Ashley McCoy Co-Emcees  Ezra Gordon & Becca Abrams Treasurer Jack Noonan Secretary Lena Bartolotti Student Council Reps Class of 2020 Thea Kendall-Green Zack Korbin Lila Kosowsky Jesse Brandner Noah Igel-Dunn Class of ...

Juniors Ashley McCoy and Ramin Kiani win the STUCO Co-Presidency

Nate Hohenberg and Mike Curley

June 7, 2019

On Thursday, May 2, two groups of candidates ran for the position of STUCO Co-Presidents. Juniors Ashley McCoy and Ramin Kiani faced off against fellow juniors Sam Berbeco and John Lian, with McCoy and Kiani coming out victorious in a tight race. Winners McCoy and Kiani, who share five years of experience in s...

Vietnam War Veteran and former Boston Public School principal speaks at WHS

Speaker Roger Harris talks about his life.

Nate Hohenberg and Mike Curley

June 7, 2019

On Friday, May 17, a group of juniors and sophomores listened to Vietnam War Veteran and former Boston Public School teacher Roger Harris give his life story, from serving in the Vietnam war as a Marine to becoming the superintendent at the Renaissance School in Boston. History department head Kerry Dunne used con...

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