Girls Varsity Volleyball Team looks back on season


Karen Levin

The Girls Varsity Volleyball team huddles up on the gym floor after a game.

Eunho Lee, Staff Writer

Bouncing back from a regular season record of 6-14, the Girls Varsity Volleyball team qualified for the Division Two North tournament and exceeded expectations with a record of 2-1. Although their loss to Burlington brought their post-season play to an end, the team made it to the quarter finals, a feat that no other DCl small team achieved this year.

Senior tri-captain Hayley Levin noted that it was impressive for the team to progress as far as they did.

“Many people doubted our ability to make tournaments. However, the volleyball team went the furthest out of any Weston varsity sport,” Levin said.

Senior tri-captain Gillian Reeder said that the team’s progress in the tournament was their most important achievement this season.

“I think the biggest achievement of the season was making [it] as far as we did in the tournament,” Reeder said. “Weston was the last team to make the tournament and only did so on a technicality called the Sullivan Rule. However, we made it through three rounds of tournament play, which is the same distance we made it last year.”

Head coach Mike Murphy also commented on how proud he is of the team’s performance this season.

“Looking at our season, I am proud of how this team played in the tournament and how we finished. We had set a goal of making tournament and we achieved that goal,” Murphy said.

Murphy also commented on the strength of the underclassmen and what it means for the next season.

“Looking ahead, what is encouraging for this team is that we had nine underclassmen who were able to make contributions, often in starting or key roles,” Murphy said. “This means moving forward we will have some young players with good experience as they head into the 2019 season.”

Regardless of their performance during the regular season, the team grew closer together. Senior tri-captain Jaycee Bullock shared her appreciation for the closer bonds she formed with her teammates.

“Out of all my four years of being on the team, I never had that connection with my teammates like what I had this year. I appreciate them for that,” Bullock said.