Seniors contribute to their legacy

Every year there is a theme-based project made by senior volunteers and art club members. This year, the senior project will portray their diversity, spirit, and unity. Several seniors will contribute to the creation of an ink mural of every seniors’ face compiled together into a collage.

According to art teacher Julie Hom-Mandell, the senior project is done each year to showcase the talents of every single student who passes through WHS. She also mentions how thrilled she feels when seeing students working on this project.

“Seeing just their dedication, passion, and [how they] strive [to] better the community, I can’t be any more proud of the students,” Hom-Mandell said. “This is one reason why I try to do these kind of senior murals every year, even though I know it’s a lot of effort [and] planning. It is totally worth it if you have [just] a few students who want to commit.”

The raw project idea came from senior Sofia Scully-Power, with further improvements and developments by the art club and other senior volunteers. Scully-Power explained that this project was based on one of the pieces in her art portfolio.

“I did this one piece that was all the people in my camera roll and I drew them all together. Then Ms. Hom saw it and she thought it would be a good idea for the mural,” Scully-Power said.

In addition, Scully-Power mentioned that the seniors involved in creating and improving this mural wanted to give all seniors the option to contribute. Scully-Power also commented on the future that she sees for the mural.

“What we decided was it would be better if we could involve the class more. I have been drawing every person who submitted a photo in our grade in a light sketch with pencil,” Scully-Power said. “In a month and a half, we will hang it up in the science wing for the second art show [where] all the seniors that participated [can] outline themselves in sharpie so it looks unified.”

This year, senior Emily Kim will be helping with the project for her own grade. The goal of this ink painting will be a collage of seniors’ faces.

“We’re going to ask for every person in our grade to send a picture of their faces or a picture that shows their personality through their faces,” Kim stated. “We’re [then] going to draw each person’s face so that it is a collage of all of our faces, fun quirks and personalities. That’s going to make it very unique to our grade too.”

Furthermore, Kim has taken many art classes and has helped with various senior projects throughout the years. According to Kim, this is a major project which requires a lot of work.

“It’s not an individual project. A lot of people in art class and some who are in art club always help out with it. We do it every year to dedicate to the seniors,” Kim said.

Hom-Mandell mentioned how inclusive the senior project is and the impact it will have on the students who are involved in the process.

“Everyone has an opportunity to sign it because that is just how we do things when we do a senior portrait. It is kind of like a yearbook,” Hom-Mandell said.

Another student artist who is involved in the project, senior Natalie Tak, explained a couple of this project’s benefits.

“The senior project is always a fun tradition that the seniors have and I expect that it’ll just be a fun way to kind of leave our mark after we graduate,” Tak said.

Hom-Mandell commented on how she hopes people perceive the senior mural and what the senior mural symbolizes to students.

“Even though as individuals we all have differences or look at things differently, together we’re stronger and more unified,” Hom-Mandell said. “If we can appreciate each other for who we are and what we are about, then we’ll build strength and I hope [the] mural symbolizes that, because each of the students that wanted to participate are unique individuals.”


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