Hypnotist show entertains Weston community


Heather Lee

Devito speaks to the audience as volunteers walk up to the stage.

Heather Lee, Co-Editor-in-Chief

Pop music blared over the speakers as people filed into the WHS auditorium on October 12. Families and friends chatted excitedly as comedy stage hypnotist Joe Devito came on stage to  sweeping applause.  

“I’m so glad the Class of 2020 and 2021 decided to bring back the show after so many years of not having it,” senior Ashley McCoy said after the show. “It was definitely nostalgic, but just as fun as I can remember.” 

After a brief rap performance from juniors Nate Icke, Sam Ross, Tyler Rogers, and Zachary Camp, Devito walked onstage to a warm reception from the audience. For the next hour, Devito entertained the audience with feats of hypnosis on student volunteers. 

With ghostbusters blaring in the background, volunteers were invited onstage. After a brief test on the students’ affinity for hypnotism, Devito chose 14 student volunteers to remain ontage to be hypnotised for the show. 

“Your legs will feel as if they are made of lead,” Devito said as he began. “Keep going deeper with every word I speak.” 

As Devito counted down, audience members reacted with surprise as each student dropped their heads and slouched in their seats. While under hypnosis, Devito described actions for the students to do on stage to the great amusement of the audience.

“I enjoyed the fact that the hypnotist initially incorporated everyone. Everyone got an opportunity to see whether or not they could be hypnotized, but kept the real hypnosis for those on stage,” senior Eric Sakkas said. “Regardless of whether or not you believe the people on stage were faking, the event was still wildly entertaining.”

At one point in the show, Devito planted the idea for students to be transported to Vegas, and become the world’s best Elvis Presley impersonators once they heard “Jailhouse Rock.” After waking up the students, the audience laughed and gasped in amazement as all 14 students began jumping up on stage and dancing along to the song.

I used to go to the hypnotist shows when I was younger, and they were always really hilarious even though I didn’t know the high schoolers on stage. Getting to see my friends up there was so much better,” McCoy said. 

Although the format of the show was a repetitive, Devito interlaced jokes and new ideas into each action to keep the show fresh and well-paced. 

The show was largely appropriate for all ages due to the presence of families and children at the event, but still provided hypnotic tricks entertaining to any member of the audience. All proceeds went to the classes of 2021 and 2020.