Pumpkin Festival raises $16,900 to support Camp Sunshine

On October 12, the annual Pumpkin Festival fundraiser run by Weston High School students raised $16,900 to support families attending Camp Sunshine. This event raised money by providing various activities for the whole town to enjoy. 

“Pumpkin Fest went very well compared to the last few years. We raised more money than last year, which is always positive and shows that the event was more successful this year,” senior and director of communication Lila Kosowsky said. 

Volunteers were an integral part of the Pumpkin Festival, providing hard work and dedication throughout the event. 

“There were plenty of volunteers for all the jobs. We had around 150 volunteers sign up and everyone was super helpful and stuck to their task,” senior and event chair Luca Leschly said.

Even with the large amount of volunteers, Pumpkin Festival leaders worked very carefully to organize this event. 

The student leaders that helped run this event did a very good job of making sure everyone had a job and felt responsible in one way or another,” English teacher and faculty advisor Erin McCarty said.

While there were many fun events for families at this event, some of the most successful stations were cookie decorating and face painting.

“Cookie decorating and face painting were both very popular this year. We even ran out of four boxes of cookies! This is quite similar to past years, as kids seem to really enjoy these events. Even though these were quite popular, I would say that we had success at all of the kids’ activities,” Leschly said. 

Despite how well the event ran, there were a few challenges that the organizers had to overcome.

We were a little bit worried about the weather on the day of the event, and the truck carrying the tables broke down on the way to the event. This actually was good for us because we set up the tables after it stopped raining and everything was able to stay dry for the event,” Kosowsky said.

Furthermore, the money made from Pumpkin Festival will allow children to go to camp and have a lasting benefit on all families.

 “It costs about a thousand dollars per family to go to the camp, so [this donation] can send over 14 families to camp, which they might not have been able to experience because of their illnesses,” McCarty said.