Students find health and keep busy at home while quarantined

Graziella Vezza, social media manager/photo editor

    WHS students were sent home on March 11 due to the COVID-19 pandemic with no knowledge that it would be their last day of regular school. Since then, students have continued their learning from home through a series of Google Classroom assignments, Zoom meetings, and emails, as well as finding ways to adjust to the stay-at-home advisory. 

      While physically distant from her teachers and peers, junior Caroline Schuckel appreciates how online resources have allowed her to communicate with them. 

      “To stay in touch with my teachers, I’ve been trying to attend all of the Zoom sessions they hold,” Schuckel said. “It’s also been nice to chat with classmates I might not otherwise see.”

      Outside of school work, students have been able to find other ways to connect with friends. For Schuckel, the app “Netflix Party” has allowed her to watch and discuss shows in sync with her friends. 

      “My friends have been doing a lot of Netflix partying. I never knew how much I liked reality TV until now,” Schuckel said.

      While there are not many places people can go in Massachusetts, freshman Ella Kim and her family have had the ability to safely take walks around their neighborhood. 

      “With online school and many extracurricular activity cancellations, I have had a lot more free time and so I’ve been actually able to stay active more than before the quarantine,” Kim said. “I’ve been taking a lot of family walks, which have been nice since that’s not something my family has been able to do a lot before.”

      Despite being stuck at home, senior Nikki Liu is making the best of the situation by picking up a hobby she didn’t have time for before quarantining. 

      “I love baking, but never had the time to do it before. Staying at home allows me to pick up this hobby of mine,” Liu said. “My youngest brother just had his birthday, and because we couldn’t get out of the house, I baked his cake.”

      Additionally, sophomore Tanner Creelman has been able to increase how much he reads for fun. 

      “To counter all the TV shows and movies I’ve been watching, I have been trying to read more for pleasure,” Creelman said. 

      In the face of the pandemic,  Students have been able to find comfort in their family, friends, and health. 

      “I am most grateful for my family and our health. I may not like to be stuck in a house with time, but I am still glad that we are all healthy and happy,” freshman Natalie Rassiger said. 

      Through these trying times, students remain grateful for who they have supporting them. 

      “During these difficult times, I am most grateful for my connection with friends and family and all of our healthcare workers and essential workers who are making this quarantine manageable,” sophomore Julia Hohenberg said.