Senior continues her passion for music business at NYU


Lea Sarnblad

Sarnblad poses with a friend at graduation.

Kaitlyn Ewald, Staff Writer

While some students use their college years to figure out what they are passionate about, senior Lea Sarnblad is looking forward to her college career at New York University in the selective major of music business. Despite the stress of the application process, she managed to get accepted early decision. 

“This program is unique, combining many different and interesting elements. It is made up of a music core, business core, and a music business core mixed with a few art classes,” Sarnblad said. “My program is mostly for people who want to work behind the scenes in the music industry.” 

Sarnblad expressed her interest in the internship opportunities the program offers, especially noting her interest in interning for Sony Music, PR agencies, and other labels.  

 “Last year, they brought Khalid to a class. He talked about his experience. They bring in

a lot of artists and the people that are behind them. It’s kind of a non-traditional major, but I’m really excited,” Sarnblad said. 

Sarnblad explained how courses at WHS have helped her prepare for college. 

 “I’ve taken a rigorous enough courseload that I am excited to enter the program,” Sarnblad said. “I think that because of the diversity of what I’m studying it’s not going to be so daunting that I won’t be able to manage.” 

One of Sarnblad’s teacher over the past four years, music teacher Therese Provenzano, explained Sarnblad’s dedication to WHS’ music program. 

“She has attended all concerts and outside events without pause and has been one of the most active and energetic students,” Provenzano said.

Sarnblad’s teachers and friends are all confident that she will succeed in this program. 

“Lea is the type of person to completely know what she wants out of life. Once she’s set her goal, she will work her hardest to achieve it,” senior Ryan Aldrich said.

 Sarnblad’s teachers and friends described her as motivated and driven. She sets her mind to something and won’t stop until she gets there. Provenzano described Sarnblad as, “Responsible, dedicated and attentive.” 

Provenzano explained her perspective on this unique career choice. 

“It is a wonderful career but takes a lot of dedication and energy. Anyone wanting to pursue a music degree should do it for the love of their craft and music,” Provenzano said. 

Sarnblad is looking forward to moving to a new city to begin this new program.

“I’ve lived in Weston for seven years now, and I’m excited to move to New York and meet new people. [I want to] branch out a little bit,” she said.