Theater Company to perform online fall play


Anne Slotnick

The Theater Company in remote rehearsal

Livvy Yun, Arts and entertainment editor

The new restrictions of Covid-19 presented unforeseen challenges to the Weston Theater Company for producing and performing the fall play. This year, the T. Co. will premiere an online play over Zoom, displaying months of hard work, problem solving, and creativity in the new normal. The play, Snapshot, consists of individual scenes devised by cast members in breakout rooms over Zoom.

 Drama director and English and Speech teacher Anne Slotnick commented on how she decided on Snapshot.

“I thought a vignette style show would work better than a traditional dramatic arc if we were working online. It’s a play I’ve been aware of for a long time and it just connected in my head that this one might be really good to do in this weird setting that we’re going to be in this fall.”

With a recurring setting of Mt. Rushmore, it explores the theme of what it means to be “American.”

“In our modern lives that’s such an important question that so many people are grappling with,” Slotnick said. “I think seeing this production will really add some productive dialogue about that question.”

Cast member and junior Erin Aldrich remarked on the new experience in the pandemic.

“I think it’s very cool that we get to do something new and go to rehearsal at our houses. I’ve never done anything like this,” Aldrich said.

However, the T. Co. agreed that this new style of performance has brought several challenges upon them. 

“In all honesty I think we’re all struggling with the lack of personal connection through the computer,” Slotnick said. “It’s challenging to bounce around from breakout room to breakout room because I can obviously only be in one place at a time. I feel lost as a director, and as much as we’re working through it, I am craving the normal way of expressing ourselves artistically.”

Furthermore, vice president of stage management and crew Laura Sullivan described how they have adapted in the new normal.

“We’ve been doing virtual backgrounds to orient the screen so that it looks like a stage picture,” Sullivan noted. “We’ve also been working with turning cameras and mics on and off to create different kinds of feelings that we wouldn’t get if we were on stage, and to make up for the lack of set pieces and props.”

Despite the challenges of working in Covid-19, Slotnick stated she feels confident in the play.

“The students have been working really hard, and like everything else right now it’s been such a transition,” Slotnick remarks. “I think we’re all excited to see what it turns into.”

Snapshot will premiere on November 19.