New hybrid schedule implemented for WHS


Alexandra Liang

Senior Christopher Schott wrapping up his bio corrections while social distancing and wearing a mask.

Alexandra Liang , Website Editor-in-chief

Social distancing, wiping down desks and the use of masks are just some of the safety precautions that WHS has for the new 2020-2021 school year. Due to COVID-19, there are new options such as the Remote Learning Academy as well as the hybrid program which provides a schedule with two smaller cohorts. One significant change that WHS has implemented a 10-day academic schedule with a shorter class time of 50 minutes with four blocks a day. 

Senior Neil Malur commented on the benefits of the hybrid model. 

“I really like being able to see people in person and think that the live classes are a really good way for us to ground our classes to something tangible and it is definitely more organized than when we first shut down in March,” Malur said. 

History department head Kerry Dunne spoke about how the preparation time for teachers is tremendous and exhausting due to the structure of the new hybrid schedule. 

“For each one time I normally would have had a full class meet, instead of planning one lesson for all 24 kids in, say, AP Euro, I need to essentially plan three lessons– a 50 min in-person lesson for one cohort, and an asynchronous lesson plus a 20 minute live lesson for the cohort at home,” Dunne said. “It is a challenge in terms of time management for sure.”

Malur talked about how the new schedule presents some challenges with some of his classes. 

“I think that the shorter class times are really tough to get the same amount of content, especially for AP classes, and I tend to confuse the schedule because there are so many variations of it. I’m sure that over time it will get better,” Malur noted. 

Freshman Caitlin Lacey talked about the transition from middle school and high school and her thoughts on the new in-person hybrid model experience. 

“It is so much better to be in school twice a week than to be at home all the time. It was a little bit hard to find my classes at first since we never got a tour, but it is fine now. I hope that we will be able to continue the hybrid system, but realistically, I don’t think we will make it through the entire school year,” Lacey said. 

Furthermore, junior Julia Chow commented on the difficulty of keeping up with the schedule but is hopeful for the future.

“It’s definitely a new schedule to adjust to, but for right now, that’s the best our school can do to provide education for students,” Chow said. “My hopes for the rest of the year is for some normalcy in the school year to come back [in person]. I feel a lot less stressed and relaxed with the new cohorts and 10 day rotations!”