Junior beats state and school diving records


Peter Linnard

Charlotte Martinkus gets such height on her dive, she almost touches the ceiling

Ava Dreyer and Casey Friedman

Numerous records have been set by WHS divers in recent years, but on Monday January 4, junior Charlotte Martinkus set a brand new high score. With a record-breaking total of 618 points, Martinkus not only passed the previous WHS record of 554, held by former WHS student Michaela Thompson, but also the girls diving state record of 579.3.

“Charlotte’s 11 dive performance was perhaps the most impressive athletic performance I have seen since I was in Weston,” swimming and diving head coach Jim McLaughlin said. “For someone to beat a state record by 40 points is just insane.”

Martinkus herself was surprised by the height of her achievement in breaking these records.

“In the moment, I was extremely excited,” Martinkus said. “I couldn’t believe the score that I received and how much my score had improved since last year.” 

Such high scores do not happen overnight. Martinkus has had to prepare and overcome setbacks in order to achieve her goals.

“Charlotte is one of the hardest working athletes on the team. She has an incredibly high standard for herself and will not stop working and improving until she achieves it,” McLaughlin added.

While Martinkus has now set records at the state level, she explained that she is largely motivated by her own self-improvement. 

“My biggest competitor is myself. I watch videos of myself improve, and my motivation comes from that satisfaction,” Martinkus said.

Aside from watching videos of herself, Martinkus trains for more than two hours, six days a week to improve her diving. 

“As good as she was a year ago, and she was the state champion last year, she may be one of the most improved athletes on the team this year,” McLaughlin said. “The height she is able to get off the board now is shocking.”

Not only is Martinkus a record-breaking diver, but her teammate, sophomore Elle Sumsion, commented that she is also seen as a leader and source of motivation by her teammates.

“Charlotte is a very positive person, she’s always super supportive and doesn’t brag about her abilities,” Sumsion said. “She pushes us to always try our best. She’s an inspiration to us and makes us want to push to be like her.”

In terms of the future, Martinkus explained that she hopes to continue to improve and eventually compete at the collegiate level. 

“I want to reach my full potential in college and beat those records, as well as improve a lot,” Martinkus said. “My goal is to become an NCAA champion.”