Peri completes first semester at Weston High


Cynthia Brisky

Paul Peri and Kelly Flynn pose for a photo during school spirit week.

Alexandra Liang, Website Editor-In-Chief

With starting the year in a pandemic and coming in as the new principal of WHS, Paul Peri has faced many challenges and has many hopes for the future. Peri plans to continue to develop meaningful relationships with students, teachers and staff, as well as focusing on the improvement of school spirit and helping Weston become a stronger community.

“I can not express how truly happy I am to be here. I am so thoroughly impressed with the student body and with the faculty and staff. We are very fortunate to come together each day at WHS.  There are truly special, remarkable things happening here day in and day out,” Peri said.

Peri has worked closely with students to unite the community as well as planning future events.

“I have had an absolutely wonderful time working with Mr. Peri so far. He really wants us to have a great year, and he is doing everything he can for us. He is always willing to meet and hear us out,” senior class president Nate Icke said. 

In addition to working with students, Peri has been working closely with faculty and staff since this past July, ensuring that the needs of the community are met. 

“We hit the ground running in July and haven’t stopped yet!” administrative assistant Katie Skelley said. “Mr. Peri’s positive energy and excellent sense of humor make him a great person to work for.”

Math department head Jim McLaughlin talked about Peri’s strong qualifications as a leader in the building. 

“He has a leadership style that is calm and steady, open and honest, and he constantly reflects on what is going well and what can be made better. He is always looking to recognize the great work that people around him are doing. His positivity helps improve the morale of people that work with him,” McLaughlin said.

Furthermore, junior Ruth Wu also expressed some of the objectives that she hopes Peri will address. 

“With all of the great spirit weeks and virtual events that we’ve had, I’ve really enjoyed some of the things Mr. Peri has done to increase school spirit,” Wu noted. “Ms. Flynn and Mr. Peri are always there at the front door to greet everyone and it’s been a great change in how the school is run.”

Peri explained his connection with Weston as a community and his favorite part of the day.

 “Anytime that I get to spend out in the hallways, talking with students, watching classes in action. The more time out of my office and around the building, the better! I love when faculty, staff and students stop and talk. It’s so great to listen and learn, and find ways that I can not only support everyone, but also get better as a building principal,” Peri said.  

Skelley talked about what she looks forward to achieving with Peri throughout the rest of the year.

 “Hopefully we can continue the hybrid schedule for the remainder of the school year and have a memorable graduation ceremony for the Class of 2021,” Skelley said. 

Additionally, Peri expressed his future goals as principal of WHS. 

I’m so excited about what we’ve been able to accomplish during this pandemic and I’m even more excited about what is to come in the future. We are working every day to take care of the WHS community. We are thinking about how each individual is doing during this pandemic, about how they are feeling, about how this new schooling is impacting them, and about what we can do to help,” Peri said. “We need each individual’s voice to help guide us through each day. Please don’t be shy! Reach out! From mental health needs to suggestions about the schedule, please share your thoughts!”