Cafeteria offers grab-and-go lunches even in pandemic


Julia Barlow

Renee Bisson, a cafeteria assistant, hands out pre-ordered lunches in the science wing after school.

Julia Barlow, Staff Writer

Last year, students from all grade levels at WHS would crowd the cafeteria for breakfast and lunch. During the three designated lunch blocks, students streamed into the cafeteria and would fill the many tables to eat lunch together. The cafeteria staff would prepare both breakfast and lunch for students, and during lunch there were many different options that students could pick and choose from.

Now, because of the new hybrid schedule, which shortens the length of time students are in school, lunch is cut out of school day. However, the cafeteria and food services staff continue making lunch and breakfast for students who need it. 

“Rather than an open kitchen with a variety of hot meal options and many a la carte items, we are serving a grab and go limited menu for students to take home with them at the end of their in-person school time,” Head of food services Teresa Sousa said. 

The cafeteria offers a few grab-and-go options daily, like sandwiches, salads, and soups. 

“It is super easy and convenient to order,” HS administrative assistant Katie Skelley said.

Other faculty members are also impressed with the work being done in the cafeteria. “I truly appreciate our food services crew and all of their hard work.  I have been very impressed by their offerings, their support, and their kindness!” Principal Paul Peri said.

Currently, there are about 20 lunches being served daily, though that number is much higher in other schools in the district. Because less lunches are being served, fewer cafeteria staff is needed in the schools.

“Many staff have been repurposed throughout the district and are helping as nurse’s assistants, bus monitors, and with sanitizing desks daily,” Sousa said.

Even though the cafeteria has been closed for in-person lunches, the staff is happy to be able to offer the grab-and-go option.

“I appreciate the fact that we have kept working and helping in even small ways during this difficult time [and] we are looking forward to returning to normal service at soon as it is safe to do so,” Sousa shared. 


If any students were unaware on how to sign up for lunches, Sousa shared the link (here students can both view the menus and sign up for a grab-and-go lunch):