WHS switches to full in-person schedule

Julia Barlow, Staff Writer


For the past two and a half semesters, hybrid students have been using a school schedule with two different cohorts, remote and in-person days, and a shorter school day than what it was last year. Only recently has the school administration released a new schedule plan, introducing the new changes to students and parents. 

To get students used to longer days, for three weeks the school days were extended, following the same design as the WMS schedule. Instead of an 8:45-12:45 school day, students start classes at 8:30 a.m. and end at 1 p.m., adding another 30 minutes to the school day. 

On March 22nd, the school administration sent both bobcats and lynx cohorts in for five days a week. The length of the school day will stay as it has been for the past three weeks.

“I look forward to seeing my friends and getting more opportunities to collaborate with students from the other cohort,” senior Laura Sullivan said, “but I am anxious about how effective distancing and contact tracing will be with the new setup.”

Overall, the new full in-person schedule will be able to get students off Zoom, as having them on their computers for extended periods of time made some very fatigued. 

“Hours of Zooms became exhausting and I spent the majority of my day sitting in one place looking at my screen,” freshman Siena Flanigon stated.

However, the old hybrid schedule allowed for flexibility that some students really appreciated, as the asynchronous time in the mornings helped to plan how they completed their schoolwork. 

“It was nice to be able to dictate my own schedule for the most part, which helped improve my time management skills a lot. However, I know that learning independently was very difficult for a lot of students, and asynchronous work only suits certain learning styles,” Sullivan said.

In the meantime, the school is focusing on keeping students and faculty safe while working to get us all back in school full time, as it was before the pandemic. 

“It is important that all of us follow protocols to work together and to help everyone feel comfortable,” Principal Peri said, so much will also depend on how we respond, react, and behave as a school. We will see!”