Literary magazine The Weston Current


Miki Chiang

Acrylic painting by Miki Chiang.

Xava Abraham , Staff Writer

Despite the pandemic, students continue to work creatively to produce new content for literary magazine, The Weston Current. The club welcomes students to join together to create a form of art and eventually publish it on their website. 

The secretary of The Current Hanna Wang explained the intentions of the literary magazine: 

The goal of The Current is to provide a creative outlet for students passionate about creative or unconventional writing and other ways of artistic expression,” Wang said. “The Weston school system heavily emphasizes analytical writing, and very rarely do students have the opportunity to do creative writing. The Current, then, fills this gap by encouraging student exploration in artistic expression.”

The Current offers many different outlets for students to express themselves creatively. 

In the physical literary magazine we publish any form of art and writing that can be printed, but we also have a website where we hope to post works of other creative mediums, such as videos and audio recordings,” current member Miki Chiang explained.  

While The Current works to publish student’s creative achievements The Current also emboldens students with their creative writing, art, and photography.

“We feature student work with the goal of encouraging creative artistic expression,” Wang said. 

 The Current is a club for all students to join and it encourages students to showcase their creativity no matter their experience. 

“The environment is open and welcoming for anyone interested in writing or editing. However, there is no prerequisite in terms of what a student has done in the past. Anyone who is curious or interested can join,” advisor and English teacherClaire Schompexplained.

Miki Chiang further explains the importance of a club with a dual benefit of creativity while also helping in academics. 

“As the WHS curriculum oftentimes deprioritizes creative writing beneath analytical, AP exam-centered writing, we try our best to bring some of the focus back onto writing for the sake of expression instead of a grade,” Chiang explained. “The Writers’ Workshop, an offshoot of the Lit Mag Club, was also created for the purpose of bringing together creative writers,”. 

The Current is also a resourceful outlet to gain expertise in writing development while promoting creative ideas and receiving insightful comments.

 “Students give feedback on each other’s writing as well as sharing and developing opportunities for students to share their writing with a larger audience,” Schomp said. 

Miki Chianginspires students to create their own art and to explore new ideas. Everyone is welcome to join the club and is encouraged to do so.

“We are currently accepting submissions until March 27, and really encourage students to take the leap and submit their work!”