Senior athletes commit to college for their sport


Analeise Shact

Senior and captain Phoebe Pohl competes in cross-country race.

Emilia Tutun, Sports Editor

As the 2021 school year comes to an end, many students at WHS have committed to prestigious colleges and universities for athletics. Among these athletes is senior Phoebe Pohl who committed to both dive and run track and field at Division 3 Bates College, and senior Jack Ramos who committed to play lacrosse in the Empire 8 Athletic Conference (E8) conference at Stevens Institute of Technology.

Pohl elaborated on what interests her most about becoming a college athlete.

“I’m excited to meet the other athletes on the teams because I feel like sports teams are a great way to meet new people when entering into a new community,” Pohl said. “I [also] can’t wait to see how much I can improve with more training and new coaches to help.”

Before committing to their colleges, both Pohl and Ramos went through a difficult recruiting process.

“I started the recruitment process during the middle of junior year [by] reaching out to coaches, sharing my information, and setting up times to meet with them to discuss what being on the team would look like,” Pohl said. “It was a bit of a stressful process and time-consuming, but I knew the overall outcome would be worth it.”

Ramos went about the college recruiting process differently.

“I have always wanted to play college lacrosse and in order to be recruited, I had to send out film from summer tournaments. I also visited schools in person or via Zoom,” Ramos said. “Even though the process wasn’t great, I think it paid off because I enjoy playing lacrosse and wanted to play in college.” 

In order to be recruited, Pohl and Ramos both had to put in a lot of hard work into their sports. 

“I have worked at these sports almost every day of my life since freshman year, [which] has paid off because the more work I put into the sport, the more I continue to improve and am rewarded from them,” Pohl said. “In order to dive in college, I had to join a club outside of school and practice year-round, including during the summer. The practices were usually four or five times a week for two hours each.” 

In addition to putting time and work into the recruitment process and training, Ramos revealed how playing a sport has helped him grow as a person. 

“Just like any other sport, [lacrosse] helped me learn about teamwork, leadership, sportsmanship, and a lot more,” Ramos said. 

Similar to Ramos, Pohl hopes that playing a sport in college will help her continue to grow as an athlete. 

“Playing in college will help me to work with others as a team, form new friendships, and be determined about what I do. Also, being able to train more at my sports will hopefully improve my performances,” Pohl said. 

While both Pohl and Ramos chose their college and university to play sports, Pohl elaborated on the educational aspect of choosing her college.

“I chose my college based on location, academic rigor, sports division, and overall feel of the school. I knew I wanted a smaller school with rigorous academics and division three sports so that helped to narrow down the options,” Pohl said. 

Pohl and Ramos’s hard work and dedication to not only their sports has not gone unnoticed.

“I run with Phoebe and she is a great leader and clearly a hard worker. I really enjoy having her as a captain, and running partner. Although I don’t know Jack personally, I have heard that he is a great athlete as well!” junior Julie Hohenberg said. “I think they will both excel as college athletes.”  

Similarly, Ramos is commended for his attribution to the lacrosse team.

“Playing with Jack has been a really fun experience, and he definitely contributes to the team with his personality and skills,” junior Liam Falvey said. “I know he will do very well academically and athletically at his next school.”